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First prize in master thesis competition

Thomas Rosenstatter, a former Master student in Embedded and Intelligent Systems, received the 2017 Best AI Master’s Thesis Award from The Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society (SAIS).

– It feels great that SAIS chose my master thesis for this award! I didn't even know about the nomination. Knowing that my work about modelling the level trust in a cooperative automated vehicle control system finds also attention in a bigger audience of experts in the area of artificial intelligence is really great. This award makes me confident that my thesis is not just for the book shelf, says Thomas Rosenstatter.

Part of the jury motivationexternal link:
"The thesis addresses a topic that is timely and of high practical relevance in today’s AI community. The thesis is well written and has the potential of both impacting future research in the field, and practical applications."

Winning GCDC

Thomas Rosenstatter was part of team Halmstad that won the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge (GCDC) 2016.

– The thesis would not have been possible without the participation GCDC. This unique chance helped me to figure out use cases and test my trust system in an environment with other real vehicles that are in automated driving mode and communicate with each other in order to solve scenarios, such as merging on a highway and crossing an intersection without the need that any of the involved vehicles needs to stop.

PhD at Chalmers

– I would also like to thank Cristofer Englund, my thesis supervisor, for his support, says Thomas Rosenstatter, who earned a double degree offered by Halmstad University and the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

– The education from both universities helped me a lot for my thesis and now my PhD studies in Vehicular Security at the Chalmers University of Technology. The PhD position is about how to secure a vehicle's internal network as well as the communication with other vehicles. I don't have any concrete plans after my PhD studies, but I am confident that there will be many interesting opportunities, for the reason that also passenger drones and other interconnected devices need to be secured against manipulation and hackers, says Thomas Rosenstatter.


Thomas Rosenstatter

Thomas Rosenstatter received the 2017 Best AI Master’s Thesis Award for his master thesis “Modelling the Level of Trust in a Cooperative Automated Vehicle Control System”.

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