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Thesis information

- Final seminar

The final report together with the final presentation is a very important part of the thesis project examination. A preliminary (but approved by the supervisor) final report must be sent to the examiner one week before the final seminar.

The deadline for sending the final report to the examiners is May 23, and the final presentations will take place on May 30 (preliminary date). The second opportunity for final presentation will be on September 2 (preliminary date), and the final one in December or January.

Supervisors need to approve the report before it is sent to the examiners. Be sure to plan accordingly -- we believe it is reasonable to expect at least three feedback cycles, and each will probably take at least 2 weeks.

Final steps, after the oral presentation, include:

  • Refinement of written report based on feedback from opponent, supervisor and examiner.
  • Final report is sent for approval and grading to the examiner at most 3 weeks after the presentation.
  • For each individual student: the student, the supervisor and the examiner fills and signs a grade calculation template.
  • If given the grade 3, 4 or 5 the approved report is uploaded to DiVA and then grading result is registered in LADOK.

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Updated 2018-09-04