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Thesis information

- Half-time seminar

There will be a full-day event in the first week of April for half-time seminars and all students should active participate in the event. At the half-time seminar the project group shall present the results achieved in the project so far, compare the results with the project plan and present a refined plan on how the project objectives will be achieved. Before the seminar, the students shall submit a mid-term report to the examiner and the opponents. The report should be approved by a supervisor before sending it to the examiner. Both delivering a report and an oral presentation are mandatory.

At the half-time seminar, the examiner assesses the work progress. Projects that are considered not progressing as planned and unlikely to be ready by the first examination event will be re-scheduled for presentation at the second examination event. In such case, the project plan and the supervision schedule will have to be adjusted accordingly.

The deadline for sending the half-time report to the examiners is March 9 (make sure you plan for supervisor feedback beforehand), and the oral presentations will take place on March 14 (preliminary date).

The report should be approximately 20 pages and should cover the following aspects: 

  • Complete literature survey, 
  • Clearly stated contibution and novelty,
  • Concrete evaluation (assessment) criteria for the solution, 
  • Design of the planned experiments (in case of theory: basic definitions and conjectures), and
  • Some preliminary analysis / results.

Supervisors need to approve the report before it is sent to the examiners. Be sure to plan accordingly -- we believe it is reasonable to expect at least two feedback cycles, and each will probably take 1-2 weeks.

Supervisors will attend the oral presentation. There will be no formal opposition but the students should actively respond to each others' presentations. Oral presentation must include information on project progress (using an actual formal methodology).

A LaTex template should be used for all (initial, mid-term, and final) reports.

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Updated 2019-01-24