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Thesis information

Information to supervisors

The supervisor's main role is to support and help the students to achieve the learning objectives of the thesis course. The supervisor shall provide academic tutoring, ie, support the students in performing and documenting a scientific and engineering project task. Secondly, the supervisor gives technical advice to the extent that the supervisor's competence is consistent with the thesis. There must be at least one supervisor per graduation project, which normally consists of two students. The idea is that the student not only to get feedback from the supervisor but also from a group of other students that critically reviews the work.

The supervisor's duties are to:

  • assist the students in specification of the thesis plan;
  • schedule and attend supervisory meetings with the students, e.g. every two weeks;
  • inform the examiner of the graduate project if it for some reason need to change direction significantly or the thesis will not be ready in time;
  • attend all thesis seminar presentations;
  • check the project work progression (via Project Diary and Time Log);
  • read and give oral and written feedback on the written report;
  • judge the thesis and recommend when the work can be presented;
  • know the thesis learning objectives and how they are examined, assessed and graded;
  • use the grading template to provide information to the examiner.

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Updated 2015-01-16