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Education in AI for professionals

The School of Information Technology will during the autumn of 2018 start a professional education within artificial intelligence that combines information technology with innovation sciences.

The program “Data Analytics and Service Innovation based on Artificial Intelligence” (MAISTR) is directed towards professionals who want to get continued education in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, specifically Machine Learning (ML), and business and service development techniques with AI/ML. The program is on the advanced level and will (after step 2) comprise courses corresponding to a total of 120 credits (hp). The program has unique aspects by combining courses on both AI technology and courses on service design with AI.

A flexible program

The program is flexible and can be carried out at the same time as an ongoing professional career. The education builds on previous experiences with developing a web-based Data Mining course for industry professionals. Two courses are suggested for the first year: one within Service Design Based on Data Analytics – Perspectives and Possibilities (7.5 credits) and one about Deep learning with applications (7.5 credits). Each course will run over a full semester at a pace of 25% (200 hours), and follow a distance-based format with visits from and to the participating companies during the teaching periods. The detailed contents for these courses will be developed in cooperation with the participating organisations and company representatives through several co-production workshops.

Please contact Stefan Byttnerexternal link if your company or organisation is interested in participating in the program.

About the program

The “Data Analytics and Service Innovation based on Artificial Intelligence” is a so called "Expertkompetensprogram" financed by the KK foundation. It is developed by Halmstad University, University of Skövde and RISE SICS. The program is supported by Volvo Cars, AB Volvo, Autoliv, Zenuity, Stena Line, Easyserv, Fysiotest, Hotswap, Jayway, Digital Reliance, InUse, RISE Viktoria and Nibe.

The project management group at Halmstad University consists of Stefan Byttner, Sepideh Pashami, Rafik Bouguelia and Pontus Wärnestål.

With the professional education program "Data Analytics and Service Innovation based on Artificial Intelligence" we aim to create an offering with several unique aspects. AI is a transforming technology and industries in many sectors need to step up their competence in this area to maintain competitiveness. This does not mean just the technology side of AI, which traditionally has been the focus of education in Sweden, but also for how services are built on AI.

– Stefan Byttner

Updated 2018-11-30