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CERES projects



EGON - Ultra Low Power Active RFID

Duration: January 2007 - June 2009
Contact: Bertil Svensson
Senior researchers: Per-Arne Wiberg, Urban Bilstrup, Bertil Svensson, Håkan Pettersson
Ph.D. students: Emil Nilsson, Björn Nilsson
Partners: Chalmers University of Technology: Departments of MC2 and CSE, Lepton Radio AB
Extended abstract: Link to extended abstractPDF (pdf, 109.1 kB)
Link to project web site:  

A new low power radio architecture based on a bi-stable regenerative transceiver with dissonant backscatter is investigated. A characteristic feature of the new technology is its ability to support communication with thousands of units simultaneously; further that each of these units consumes very little energy. This opens up vast application opportunities in the field of cooperating embedded systems. The goal of the project is to develop a radio design that, after further product development, enables the fabrication of active radio units with a battery lifetime of up to eight years and a price level in the same range as passive RFID tags.

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