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CERES research projects



SELIES - Supporting Elderly Life through Intelligent Embedded Systems

Duration: 2007-08-01--2012-07-31
Contact: Nicholas Wickström
Senior researchers: Nicholas Wickström, Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson and Bertil Svensson
Ph.D. students: Wagner Ourique de Morais and Anita Pinheiro Sant'Anna
Extended abstract: Link to extended abstractPDF (pdf, 665.8 kB)
Link to project web site:  



Our aging population will exert pressure on the health care system. In 2030 the elderly continues 25% of the Swedish population an increase from 17%. The active working part of the population is decreasing from 60% to around 50%. The economic and labor burden demand assistive technology to be developed ( SCB , Statistics Sweden).

Today the group 80 years and older is 433 000 in Sweden; in 2050 they are 846 000, 10% of the total population ( SCB , Statistics Sweden).

This aging population will result in an increasing number of people at risk for loss of independence through e.g. dementia, frailty and other syndromes of aging.

Project description

The project has two focuses;

  • the first is concerned with understanding of human movements and how motor behaviors relate to different aspects of aging,
  • the second focus is concerned with how collaborating embedded systems in the environment (ambient intelligence)  can be used for early signs of loss of independence.

 The two PhD students are part of a university research school; Halmstad Research School in Entrepreneurship — Health.


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