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Publications written at School of Information Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering 2011

In the column to the left you find links to our publications registered in DiVA, the University's on-line academic archive for scientific publishing sorted according to type of publication.

Below a list of papers that were not published in DiVA 2011:

Johansson, L-O. and U. Lundh Snis (2011). "The Dynamics of Interaction: Exploring a Living Lab Innovation Process from a Community of Practice Perspective", Accepted for publication in Proceedings of Pacific Asia conference on Information Systems (PACIS 2011), Brisbane 7-11 July 2011.

IDE1120 Lidström, K., J. Andersson, F. Bergh, M. Bjäde, S. Mak & K. Sjöberg "Halmstad University Grand Cooperative Driving Challange 2011", (technical reportexternal link)

IDE1104-IDE1108 Masters' thesesexternal link

IDE1103 Patoary M.N.I., Ali, B. Svensson, J. Eker and H. Gustafsson, "Implementation of AMR-WB Encoder fo Multi-Core Processors using Dataflow Programming Language CAL", technical report

IDE1102 Ul-Abdin Z., & B. Svensson "Programming Real-time Autofocus on Massively Parallel Reconfigurable Architeture using Occam-pi", technical report (abstractexternal link)

IDE1101 Master's thesisexternal link

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