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School of Information science, Computer and Electrical Engineering

Masters' theses 2010

All masters' thesis can be found in the library's databases DiVAexternal link, opens in new window (full text) or in Student paperssearchexternal link, opens in new window (older student theses without full text)

IDE1059 Electrical and optical characteristics of InP nanowire based p-i-n photodetectors
- Rizwan Ahmed & Shahid Abbas

IDE1058 Development of PDI plates for industrial applications
- Muhammad Saad Siddiqui & Tahseen Iqbal

IDE1057 Microwave components based on magnetic wires
- Sizhen Lan & Lian Shen

IDE1056 Electrical and optical characteristics of InP interband nanowire infrared photodetectors
- Mohammed Nurul Amin & Md. Obaidul Alam

IDE1055 Radar signal processing on Ambric platform
- Yadagiri Pyaram & Md Mashiur Rahman

IDE1053 Multi-channel MAC protocol for wireless communication
- Syead Hasan Yousuf Naqvi

IDE1052 Mac protocol for wireless network on chip
- Saad Aumed & Muhammad Ilyas

IDE1051 Estimation of fiber size distribution in 3D x-ray MCT image data sets
- Alireza Mozaffari & Kunal Varaiya

IDE1050 Detection and tracking of people from laser range data
- Hassan Mashad Nemati

IDE1049 Navigation and automatic ground mapping by Rover robot
- Xuerui Wang & Li Zhao

IDE1048 QoS management in DSL services of an ISP in Iran
- Seyed Rashidaldin Hassani

IDE1047 Experments with vehicle platooning
- Essayas Gebrewahid & Fareed Ahmed Jokhio

IDE1045 Fire detection in coal mines using WSN
- Muhammad Asif Zafar & Zeshan Aslam Khan

IDE1044 Switched multi-hop priority queued networks influence of priority levels on soft real-time systems
- Iftikhar Ahmed & Muhammad Farooq

IDE1043 Wireless sensor network setup
- Javed Iqbal & Farhan Moughal

IDE1042 Collaborating ISPs supporting various real-time services
- Ansar Zaman Cheema & Imran ullah Saqib

IDE1041 Security in small and medium sized networks
- Alireza Memarifard & Paul Nilsson

IDE1040 Electrical and optical characteristics of InP nanowire photodetectors
- Mehdi Malekrah

IDE1039 Decision algorithm and procedure for fast handover between 3G and WLAN
- Ali Murtaza  Mansoor Ahmed

IDE1037 Radio communication for PIE - a Tiny Timber interface
- Mohsen Amerion

IDE1036 Integrated security by using MPLS-VPN for retail-banking network (case study Mehr bank, Iran)
- Sara H Daryani & Pouria Taslimi

IDE1035 Switched multi-hop FCFS networks - the influence of traffic shapers on soft real-time performance
- Shashank Sharma & Syed Hasnain Raza Tirmazi

IDE1034 Identification of driving styles in buses
- Nadezda Karginova

IDE1033 Lie group analysis of a Hamilton-Jacoby-Belllman equation arising from the pension savings management
- Andrey Steblevskiy

IDE1032 Localization of designed textures on glass bottles
- Pallav Nandi Chaudhuri & Abhishek Sharma

IDE1031 Monte Carlo simulations methods in pricing American type options
- Jakub Kudla

IDE1027 On-line change-point detection procedures for Initial Public Offerings
- Olga Gogoleva & Evgenia Shcherbakova

IDE1026 Revision moment for the retail decision-making system
- Agnieszka Juszczuk & Eugeniya Tkacheva

IDE1025 Numerical methods for pricing swing options in the electricity market
- Matilda Guo & Maria Lapenkova

IDE1024 Exponentional fitting, finite volume and box methods in option pricing
- Dmitry Shcherbakov & Sylwia Szwaczkiewicz

IDE1023 SVI estimation of the implied volatility by Kalman filter
- Sergey Burnos & Ngow Chasing

IDE1022 Arbitrage-free market models for interest rate options and future options: the multi-strike case
- Anastasia Ellanskaya & Hui Ye

IDE1021 Operator splitting methods and artificial boundary conditions for a nonlinear Black-Scholes equation
- Marek Uhliarik

IDE1020 Hedging strategy for an option on commodity market
- Tkachev Ilya

IDE1019 How useful are intraday data in risk management? An application of high frequency stock returns of three Nordic banks to the VaR and ES caculation
- Krzysztof Ostrowski & Emil Somnicki

IDE1018 Volume estimation of  glass gob simulation
- Sohail Muzamil & Muhammad Shoaib Perveiz

IDE1017 Supervised methods for fault detection in vehicles
- Gao Xiang & Jiang Nan

IDE1016 Option pricing under the double exponential jump-diffusion model by using the Laplace transform - Application to the Nordic market
- Natalia Nadratowska & Damian Prochne

IDE1015 Mobile IP handover for WLAN
- Falade Olumnyina & Botsio Marcellus

IDE1014 Develop a secure network - a case study
- Habeeb Rayapati

IDE1013 WLAN Security
- Abdul Qudoos Memon, Ali Hasan, Raza & Saida Iqbal

IDE1012 Network security issues, tools for testing security in computer network and development solution for improving security in computer network
- Amir Reza Fazely Hamedani & Sherin Skaria

IDE1011 GPS/Optical encoder based navigation methods for dsPIC microcontrolled mobile vehicle
- Berkan Dincay

IDE1009 Design and implementation of an Audio Codec (AMR-WB) using data flow programming language CAL in the OpenDF Environment
- Hazem Ismail Abdel Aziz Ali & Mohammad Nazrul Ishlam Patoary

IDE1008 Multi-protocol label switching to support quality of service needs
- Amjad Iftikhar, Aoon Muhammad Shah & Fowa Latif

IDE1005 InAs/GaSb quantum well structures for infrared detector applications
- Abu Syed Mahajumi

IDE1004 Network security
- Amir Hassan & Fida Muhammad

IDE1003 Cooperative quality-of-service prediction in distributed systems
- Wei Wang

IDE1002 Fast fault recovery in switched networks aryying IP telephony
- Nora Espahbodi & Ali Akbar Eisazadeh

IDE1001 Monitoring portfolio weights by means of Shewhart method
- Jeela Mohammadian

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