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Publications written at Centre for Computer Architecture (CCA) and Centre for Image Analysis and Computer Graphics (CBD) - 1992

CCA9204 Lawson, H. W., and B. Svensson,
"An Architecture for Time_critical Distributed / Parallel Processing", Presented at Euromicro Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Processong, Gran Canaria, Spain, January, 27-29, 1993

CCA9203 Svensson, B.
"Massively Parallel Computer Modules for Neural Network Simulation, Image Processing and Integrated Systems or REMAP - Real-Time, Embedded, Modular, Adaptive, Parallel Processor Project", Presented at Computer Science in Sweden, a conference arranged by NUTEK, Stockholm, Sweden, December, 3-4, 1992

CCA9202 Svensson, B., T. Nordström, K. Nilsson, and P.-A. Wiberg,
"Towards Modular, Massively Parallel Neural Computers", Presented at SNCC -92, Swedish National Conference on Connectionism, Skövde, Sweden, September, 9-10, 1992

CCA9201 Nilsson, K., B. Svensson, and P.-A. Wiberg,
"A Modular, Massively Parallel Computer Architecture for Trainable Real-Time Controle Systems" , Proc. of AARTC'92: 2nd IFAC Workshop on Algorithms and Architectures for Real-Time Controle, Seoul, Korea, August 31 - Sept., 2, 1992, pp. 43-48. Published in Control Engineering Practice, Vol 1, No 4, pp.655-661

Malmqvist, K,. L. Bergman, and H. Busk,
"Multi Color Image Analysis as a Tool for Print Quality Control Proceedings", SSAB conference on image analysis Uppsala 1992.

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