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Publications written at Centre for Computer Architecture (CCA) and Centre for Image Analysis and Computer Graphics (CBD) - 1997

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"Evaluation of Compiler-Controlled Updating to Reduce Coherence-Miss Penalties in Shared-Memory Multiprocessors", accepted for publication as a regular paper in Journal of Parallel and DistributedS Computing, to appear.

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"An Image Processing Technique for Determining Missing Dots in Half Tone Multi-coloured Prints".

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"Comparison Between Newsprint with High and Low Smearing Effects".

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"A New Method for Colour Measurements in Multicolour Newspaper Pictures and its Use for Ink Feed Control".

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"Distribution of Ink Solid Prints Related to the Structure of the Paper."

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"Measurement of Basics Weight of Paper by Ionizing Radiation".

PPP Report 97-04 Verikas, A., and L. Bergman,
"Analysis of Colour Measurements by Malcolm on Wet Newsprints".

PPP Report 97-03 Johansson, J-O.,
"Measuring Print Mottle on Newsprint".

PPP Report 97-01 Kristiansson, P., C-M. Nilsson, H. Busk, L. Malmqvist, M. Elfman, K.G. Malmqvist, J. Pallon, K.A. Sjöland, R.J. Utui, and C. Yang,
"Optical Dot Gain on Newsprint Determines with the Lund Nuclear Microprobe" .

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"High-Performance Fiber-Optic Communication Networks for Distributed Computing Systems", Centre for Computer Systems Architecture (CCA), Halmstad University, Sweden, Apr. 1997.

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"Modelling the Surface Structure of Newsprint", Part of lic. thesis, April, 1997
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Chalmers TR262L Jonsson, M.
"Fiber-Optic Interconnections in High-Performance Real-Time Computer Systems", Licentiate's thesis, Dept. of Computer Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, 1997.

Master's theses in Computer system engineering and Electrical engineering (list)

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