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Publications written at Centre for Computer Architecture (CCA) and Centre for Image Analysis and Computer Graphics (CBD) - 1998

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"A Low-Risk Approach to Mobile Robot Path Planning", Proc. of the 11th International Conference on Industrial & Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems, IEA-98-AIE, Castellon, Spain, June, 1-4, 1998

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CCA9819 Taveniku, M., A. Ahlander, M. Jonsson, and B. Svensson,
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CCA9817 Baerveldt, A.J. and B. Åstrand,
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CCA9811 Kruusmaa, M. and B. Svensson,
"Using Case-Based Reasoning for Mobile Robot Navigation", Proc. of the 6th German Workshop on Case-Based Reasoning, Berlin, Germany, Mar. 6-8, 1998.

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"Optimising the Placement of Microphones and Loudspeakers in an Aeroplane-Mounted Active Noise Control System using Stochastic Search Methods", Proc. of NOISE CON '98, The 1998 National Conference on Noise Control Engineering, Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA, April, 5-8, 1998, pp 283-288.

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"A Globally Asynchronous, Locally Synchronous SIMD Processor", MPCS'98, International Conference on Massively Parallel Computing Systems, Colorado Springs, USA, April, 6-9, 1998

PPP Report 98-09 Kristiansson, P., T. Larsson, S. Malmberg, L. Malmqvist, M. Elfman, and K. Malmqvist:
"Newsprint smearing - An industrial problem studied with the nuclear microprobe."

PPP Report 98-08 Verikas, A., K Malmqvist. and L Bergman,
"Colour classification of pulp images for monitoring the de-inking process".

PPP Report 98-07 Verikas, A., and K. Malmqvist:
"Determining Missing Dots in HalfTone Multicoloured Prints: An experimental study".

PPP Report 98-06 Nilsson, C.M., and J. Carlsson,
"Application of Optical Flouroscence Spectroscopy to Paper Production".

PPP Report 98-05 Kristiansson, P., M. Elfman, T. Larsson, S. Malmberg, and L. Malmqvist.
"Ink distributions on newsprints with high and low smearing".

PPP Report 98-04 Kristiansson, P.,
"Depth effects on X-ray signals from ink and oil in newsprints".

PPP Report 98-03 Kristiansson, P., T. Larsson, H. Loman, S. Malmberg, and L. Malmqvist,
"Lateral element analysis of paper and print in two different newsprints".

PPP Report 98-02 Verikas, A., and K. Malmqvist,
"Estimating Dot Size on Printing Plates".

PPP Report 98-01 Verikas, A., K. Malmqvist, and L. Bergman,
"Determining Missing Dots in HalfTone Multi-coloured Prints".

CCA9801 - CCA9808 Master's Theses in Computer Systems Engineering (list)

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