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Master's theses written by master students in Computer systems engineering and Electrical engineering - 1998

CCA9808 VISC - Vehicle Idle Speed Control
- Raymond Doumit and Tommy Salomonsson

CCA9807 Open Fieldbus Interface: Design Issues of a Generic Controller Interface
- Danny Johnsson and Jan Wilhelmsson

CCA9806 An Approach to Translator Design - A Part of the Open Fieldbus Interface Project
- Henrik Elmgren and Roland Quell

CCA9805 BONN - Burner Optimization with Neural Networks
- Henrik Svensson

CCA9804 Fibre-Ribbon Pipeline Ring Network - a Test Platform
- Henrik Arleving and Bassam Mahmoud

CCA9803 Robot Localization in Changing Environments Using a Laser Range Scanner
- Ola Bengtsson and Magnus Jonasson

CCA9802 REMOTE - Real-Time Mobile Telecommunication
- Henrik Bengtsson and Elisabeth Uhlemann

CCA9801 On MPEG II Image Compression using an SIMD/MIMD Parallel Architecture
- Fredrik Jönsson and Jörgen Lindqvist

CIST-9838 Algae bloom detecting in shallow bays.
- Tom Nilsson and Thomas Wollentz

CIST-9837 Image processing of SAR-images.
- Jonas Lindgren and Henrik Sjövall

CIST-9836 A digital frequency control system for an iodine stabilized HeNe laser at 632 nm.
- Mikael Andersson and Christian Persson

CIST-9835 Direct conversion receiver for noise detection.
- Tommy Olsson and Anders Svensson

CIST-9834 Fragment evaluation using image processing.
- Henrik Andersson and Daniel Johansson

CIST-9833 Passive antenna identification.
- Linda Ednarsson and Johan Malm

CIST-9832 Astronomical radiointerferometer.
- Mattias Nilsson and Magnus Porsgaard

CIST-9831 Classification of sugarbeet plants among weeds using machine vision.
- Fredrik Bondesson, Musie Minas and Ulf Winberg

CIST-9830 Inspection of covered glass.
- Anders Bengtsson and Pär Jansson

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