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School of Information Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering - Publications 2000

IDE0040 Verikas A., A. Gelzinis,
"Training neural networks by stochastic optimisation, Neurocomputing" 30, 2000, pp. 153-172

IDE0039 Verikas A., K. Malmqvist, M. Bacauskiene, and L. Bergman,
"Monitoring the De-Inking Process through Neural Network Based Colour Image Analysis"
, Neural Computing & Applications 9(2), 2000, pp. 142-151

IDE0038 Verikas A., K. Malmqvist, and L. Bergman,
"The evidence theory based post-processing of pixel-wise classified colour images." Proc. of the Symposium on Image Analysis, Halmstad, Sweden, 2000, pp. 67-70

IDE0037 Verikas A., K. Malmqvist, and L. Bergman,
"Neural networks based colour measuring for process monitoring and control in multicoloured newspaper printing." Neural Computing & Applications, 2000 9(3), pp. 227-242

IDE0036 Verikas A., A. Lipnickas, and K. Malmqvist,
"Fuzzy measures in Choquet integral based neural networks fusion." B. Chandrasekaran, M.D. Levine, C.H. Chen (eds) Recent Research Developments in Pattern Recognition, Transworld Research Network, vol I, Part I, 2000, pp. 119-136

IDE0035 Verikas A., K. Malmqvist, and M. Bacauskiene,
"Combining neural networks, fuzzy sets, and evidence theory based approaches for analysing colour images." Proc. of the IEEE-INNS-ENNS International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, Como, Italy, 2000, vol. II, pp. 297-302

IDE0034 Verikas A., A. Lipnickas, and K. Malmqvist,
"Fuzzy measures in neural networks fusion." Proc. of the 7th International Conference on Neural Information Processing, ICONIP-2000, Taejon, Korea, 2000, vol. II, pp. 1152-1157

IDE0033 Hellring M. and U. Holmberg.
"An ion current based peak-finding algorithm for pressure peak position estimation". Technical paper 2000-01-2829, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), 2000.

IDE0032 Blomqvist, D., S. Byttner, U. Holmberg and T. Rögnvaldsson.
"Different strategies for transient control of the air-fuel ratio in an SI engine". SAE Technical paper 2000-01-2835, International Fuels & Lubricants Meeting & Exposition, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, October 2000.

IDE0031 Holmberg U., S. Valentinotti and D. Bonvin.
"An identification-for-control procedure with robust performance". Control Engineering Practice 8 (2000), pp. 1107-1117. (abstract)

IDE0030 Valentinotti S., U. Holmberg, C. Cannizzaro and D. Bonvin.
"Modeling for control of fed-batch fermenters". ADCHEM, Piza, 2000 (abstract).

IDE0029 Klang, M., C. Ihlström and S. Olsson
"Overcoming Barriers - Why SMEs should consider Networks." in the International Journal of of Services Technology and Management, Special Issue on Enabling Organisational Competitiveness Using Electronic Commerce, Volume 3, Number 1, (2002) pp. 68-81.

IDE0028 Bilstrup, U., and P-A. Wiberg
"Bluetooth in industrial environment" Proc. of the 11th 2000 IEEE International Workshop on Factory Communication Systems, Porto, Portugal, Sept, 6-8, 2000, pp. 239-246.

IDE0027 Uhlemann, E., T.M. Aulin, L.K. Rasmussen and P-A. Wiberg
"Deadline Dependent Coding - A Framework for Wireless Real-Time Communication" Proc. of the 7th International Conference on Real Time Computing Systems and Applications, Cheju Island, South Korea, December, 12-14, 2000, pp. 135-142.

IDE0026 Vaitkunas, M., and A. Dosinas
"Image processing systemfor quality control of colour CRT" (technical report)

IDE0025 Lipnickas, A.
"An empirical comparison of two sampling techniques for training neural network committees" (technical report)

IDE0024 Forsberg, H., M. Jonsson and B. Svensson
"A Scalable and Pipelined Embedded Signal Processing System using Optical Hypercube Interconnects" Proc. of 12th IASTED International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems (PDCS'2000), Las Vegas, USA, Nov. 6-9, 2000, pp. 265-272.

IDE0023 Jonsson, M., and U. Olin
"Optical interconnection technology in switches, routers and optical cross connects" (technical report)

Matas, J., M. Hamouz, K.Jonsson, J. Kittler, Y. Li, C. Kotropoulos, A. Tefas, I. Pitas, T. Tan, H. Yan, F. Smeraldi, J. Bigün, N. Capdevielle, W. Gerstner, S. Ben-Yacoub, Y. Abdeljaoued, and E. Mayoraz
"Comparison of face verification results on the XM2VTS database". Proc. of the 15th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Barcelona, Spain, Sept. 2000, pp 858-863, vol 4.

Smeraldi, F., J. Bigün, and W. Gerstner
"On the role of dimensionality in face authentication" Proc. of the Symposium of the Swedish Society for Automated Image Analysis, Halmstad, Sweden, March 2000, pp 87-91

Kaestner, A. and Bååth, L.B.,
"Microwave polarimetry based wood scanning", 12th International Symposium on Nondestructive Testing of Wood, Sopron, Hungary, 2000

Millman, S., Malmberg,D. and Bååth, L.B.
"Radio Wave Interferometry for BOS slag control." ECSC report Contract no. 7210-CB/905 ref. No. 96/C1.04, 2000

Malmberg,D. and Bååth, L.B.
"Improvement of the EAF performances through an optimisation of the foaming slag practice.", ECSC report Contract no. 7210-CB/903 (95-C1.04), 2000

Malmberg,D. and Bååth, L.B.
"Slag level detection in EAFs using microwave technology.", Scandinavian Journal of Metallurgy ISSN 0371-0459, 2000

IDE0022 Bergenhem, C.
"Methods for integration of Heterogeneous Real-Time Services into High-performance Networks" Proc. of 2nd ARTES Graduate Student Conference, CTH, Gothenburg, Sweden, March, 16-17, 2000

IDE0021 Holmberg, U.
"Robust SI Engine Control using ION Current "Soft Sensors""

IDE0020 Eriksson, H.
"Speaker Verification Using Filter Banks"

IDE0019 Ihlström, C. and M. Nilsson
"Smebiz: Transforming t-Business to e-Business" Proc. of the 23rd Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia, Uddevalla, Sweden, August 12-14, 200, pp. 835-844, ISSN: 0359-8470

IDE0018 Ihlström, C. and M. Nilsson
"Smebiz - Setting the Stage" Proc. of International Conference on Electronic Commerce, ICEC 2000, Seoul, Korea, August 21-24, 2000, pp. 220-225, ISBN 89-950049-1-6

IDE0017 Ihlström, C. and A. Örtenblad
"IT-companies: Playgrounds or serious businesses?" Proc. of the 23rd Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia, Uddevalla, Sweden, August 12-14, 2000, pp. 1605-1616, ISSN: 0359-8470

IDE0016 Bengtsson L. and S. Lund
"Basic Matrix Operations on a DSP Array Architecture", Proc. of SPC'2000, International Conference on Signal Processing and Communications, Marbella, Spain, September, 19-22, 2000.

IDE0015 Garcia, A., L. Johansson, M. Jonsson and M. Weckstén
"Guaranteed Periodic Real-Time Communication over Wormhole Switched Networks", Proc. of the 12th International Conference on parallel and Distributed Computing Systems, Las Vegas, USA, August 8-10, 2000, pp. 632-639

IDE0014 Eriksen, L.B., C. Ihlström, and J. Palmer
"News", Publ. in Planet Internet, Studentlitteratur, 2000, pp. 87-112, ISBN 91-44-01352-3

IDE0013 Eriksen, L.B. and C. Ihlström
"In the Path of the Pioneers - Longitudinal Study of Web News Genre." Proc. of the 22nd Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia, Jyväskylä, Finland, August 7-10, 1999, pp. 289-304, ISBN 951-39-0512-8

IDE0012 Eriksen, L.B. and C. Ihlström
"Evolution of the Web News Genre - the Slow Move Beyond the Print Metaphor", Proc. of 33' Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science, Maui, Hawaii, January, 4-7, 2000, CD-rom

IDE0011 Åstrand, B. and A-J. Baerveldt
"A Vision Based Row-Following System for Agricultural Robots", Proc. of The Symposium on Image Analysis, Swedish Society for Automated Image Analyses (SSAB), Halmstad, Sweden, March 7-8, 2000, pp. 113-117

IDE0010 Bergenhem, C.
"En demonstrator till ett CC-FPR-nätverk" (technical report in Swedish)

CCA0001 - CCA0009 Master's Theses in Computer Systems Engineering (list)

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