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School of Information Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering -  Master's theses 2002

All masters' thesis can be found in the library's databases DiVA external link (full text) or in Student paperssearch external link (older student theses without fulltext)

IDE0218 Elvira II
- Arash Djavaherian and Peter Gabrielsson

IDE0217 Uncertainty and reduced colour scales in visualisation problems
- Nils Persson and Clas G. Thorsson

IDE0216 Implementation Outline for a Real-Time Ethernet Switch
- Anders Larsson and Rikard Olsson

IDE0215 An Open Access Architecture for Terabit Metropolitan Area Networks using Ehternet
- Niklas Mors and Anders Pettersson

IDE0214 Performance Study of a Broadband Wireless Local Area Network
- Douglas Dixon and Katrin Sjöberg

IDE0213 Modular Printed Circuit Boards using Optical Interconnection Systems
- Sacki Agelis and Sofia Jacobsson

IDE0212 Embedded Supercomputers - A Study of Computer Architectures for Radar Signal Processing
- Fredrik Gunnarsson and Christian Hansson

IDE0211 Bluetooth Security System
- Niklas Fehrling and Ola Flygare

IDE0210 Versatile Transfer Modem
- Mikael Carlsson and Fredrik Åkerberg

IDE0209 Text Content Analysis using Neural Networks inspired by Latent Semantic Analysis
- Björn Persson and Johan Rönn

IDE0208 Robust Active Noise Control in a Headrest Using a Virtual Microphone
- Niklas Ramnér and Ronny Slovak

IDE0207 Quantifying the Amount and Distribution of Fillers on Paper Surfaces
- Ershad Nozari and Martin Persson

IDE0206 Image Datbase Search Engine
- Laine Henningsson and Jana Villem

IDE0205 Joint modelling of lip movements and speech/Läpprörelsemodellering för multimodal röstanalys
- Klaus Peschke

IDE0204 2GHz radio-qave cross corelator for topographical reproduction of the surface in a blast furnace/2 GHz radiovågs-korskorrelator för topografiskt återskapande av en masugnsyta
- Patrik Mäkinen and Martin Ranhed

IDE0203 Lättvikts GPS-antenn
- Erik Geterud

IDE0202 Optisk on-line diagnostik vid papperstillverkning
- Håkan Eliasson and Per Lassagård

IDE0201 Scene graphs management of 3-D games/Scengrafshantering för 3D-spel
- Pawel Bialy and Anders Wallin

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