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School of Information Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering -  Master's theses 2003

All masters' thesis can be found in the library's databases DiVA external link (full text) or in Student paperssearch external link (older student theses without fulltext)

IDE0371 EDF-Based Protocol for Fiber Optic Network with Passive Star and Separate Control Channel
- Juan Manuel Menendez Bellon

IDE0368 A Wireless Communication Protocol for Small Embedded Devices
- René Pilz

IDE0332 Texture Classification by High Order Symmetry Derviatives of Gaussians
- Werner Pomwenger

IDE0322 Microwave-based spectroscopy study of a diesel engine running on rape oil
- Amela Mehanovic and Nahid Savehshemshaki

IDE0321 Scattering measurements of dust in metal industry by microwaves
- Ivar Andersson, Marcus Jacobson and Tobias Karlsson

IDE0320 Possibilities to avoid false targets and get extended radar range by use of data fusion
- Per Gerdle

IDE0318 Face detection in robotic toys
- Tina Karlsson and Magnus Johansson

IDE0317 DeltaLab: a Matlab Tool for Variable Selection Based on the Delta-Test
- Patrik Nilsson and Jörgen Sundh

IDE0316 A MOST-Bluetooth gateway for multimedia traffic
- Roland Bengtsson, Patrick Broberg and Magnus Svensson

IDE0315 A Test system for embedded wireless real-time communication
- Viktor Lilja and Jonas Thorsell

IDE0314 Prediction of protein secondary structure using long short-term memory
- Daniel Apoy

IDE0313 An intelligent ethernet switch - with support for parallel and distributed computing
- Magnus Axelsson and Jens Nordenbro

IDE0312 Ethernet switch demonstrator with real-time services for heterogeneous traffic
- Markus Adolfsson and Mattias Eriksson

IDE0311 Classification of plaque in ultrasonic images of human carotid arteries
- Maycel Faraj and Daniel Wahlgren

IDE0310 Multiple access for ultra wideband radio
- Björn Nilsson and Daniel Svensson

IDE0309 Lossless fingerprint image compression
- Johan Thärnå

IDE0308 Simulation of Switched Ethernet Networks with real-time support
- Mattias Kallin and Malin Östlund

IDE0307 Topographical 3D visualisation of the burden in a blas furnace
- Marcus Klingberg and Johan Sundin

IDE0306 Reconfigurable architectures for high-performance computing
- Jerker Bengtsson and Bengt Lundin

IDE0305 Exploring chloroplast peptide prediction using neural networks
- Daniel Strandberg and Neil Lowrie

IDE0304 Multistage optical interconnections and electronic crossbars with microelectro mechanical system for terabit per seconds switches
- Mohamud Nur Abdulle

IDE0303 Offset print control
- Cristofer Englund, Josef Kindberg, Joakim Olsson and Björn Sjögren

IDE0302 Investigation of reasons behind mean intensity variations during sub-mm observations with the Odin satellite
- Timo Harju, Magnus Johansson and Margareta Shew

IDE0301 Prediction of the number of residue contacts in proteins using LSTM neural networks
- Anders Jacobsson and Christian Gustavsson

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