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School of Information Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering -  Master's theses 2004

All masters' thesis can be found in the library's databases DiVA external link (full text) or in Student paperssearch external link (older student theses without fulltext)

IDE0438 Human face recognition - a study towards quantification of abilities of prosopagnosics and face recognition training
- Robert Lamprecht

IDE0437 Real-time Face Tracking: Enhancing the Authenticity of Recognition
- Hartwig Fronthaler & Klaus Kollreider

IDE0436 Improving on-line music notes recognition
- Arthur Robert Schuchter

IDE0428 Measurements of the complex refractive index of materials at microwave frequencies
- Nermina Dzanic & Özlem Arabaci

IDE0427 A New Approach for Accurate Measuremtn of Mass Distribution
- Carl Carlsson, Martin Robertsson & Patrik Wennström

IDE0426 Blast Detector
- Awil Abdulkadir & oliver Kahl

IDE0425 Passive Wireless Sign Indicator
- Samuel Holst & Per-Olof Petersson

IDE0424 Integration of positioning capability into an existing active RFID-system
- Andreas Franz, Wolfgang John & Philipp Nagele

IDE0423 Small vocabulary speech recognition for pre-school aged children
- Mattias Johansson

IDE0422 Multimodal person authentication system
- Lorenz Grübler & Situ Xin

IDE0421 Cylinder individual air-fuel ratio estimation in an internal combustion engine
- Håkan Bengtsson & Victor Hansson

IDE0420 Online music symbol recognition system using Fourier descriptors
- Martin Ek & Stefan Elmlund

IDE0419 Helicopter detection and classification using acoustic sensors
- Anne Saari & Bo-Arne Nilsson

IDE0418 Extraction and visualization of protein-protein interactions
- Mikael Andersson & Per Lilja

IDE0417 Variable Selection Tool
- Krister Svensson & Jens Borgas

IDE0416 Neural Modelling of the Offset Printing Process
- Andreas Wickström & Ola Svensson

IDE0415 Speech controlled interface for telematic applications
- Heléne Cederholm & Peter Johansson

IDE0414 Re-configurable IP block for MOST hardware
- Sridevi Band & Håkan Green

IDE0413 GEPARD - a universal platform for radar signal and data processing
- Björn Olofsson & Ramesh Chandra Ponnada

IDE0412 Exploring STITCH: a high level coordination middleware - on a process flow application
- Mikael Borgbrandt & Rickard Fredriksson

IDE0411 The Gateway (TIG) between Telematics/Infotainment and Other Vehicle Systems
- Yanwu Yang

IDE0410 Evaluating the Promises of OSGi in telematic applications
- Alexander Jiteg & Johnny Renegård

IDE0409 Bluetooth Hot-Spots for Voice over IP
- Marcus Andersson, Christoffer Lönnerfors & Jonas Tsang

IDE0408 Telematics - Evaluating teh Promises of OSGi
- Anethe Lingmén & Sandra Malmsten

IDE0407 Runtime Reconfigurable System On a Chip
- Martin Ericsson & Alexander Nilsson

IDE0406 Automatic Unit Testing of Java Programs
- Rebecka Falk, Urban Nilsson & Martin Sjöblom

IDE0405 An adaptive and self configuring wireless sensor network
- Henrik Ehrnlund, Björn Haglund & Per Mattsson

IDE0403 A General Purpose Embedded System for Wireless Applications Running Linux
- Mikael Johansson, Jesper Magnusson & Andreas Olofsson

IDE0402 Real-Time Medium Access Control Protocol for an AWG-based Network
- Annette Böhm & Kristina Kunert

IDE0401 Hardware platform for image processing
- Timmy Brolin

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