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School of Information Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering -  Master's theses 2005

All masters' thesis can be found in the library's databases DiVA external link (full text) or in Student paperssearch external link (older student theses without fulltext)

IDE0544 E-newspaper Navigation
- Designing navigational aids for a new electronic medium - Simon Henriksson, Mats Lindqvist & Martin Söderblom

IDE0543 Designing In-Car Ubiquitous Computing Support for Multiple Services
- Per Larsson & Fredrik Torneus

IDE0542 Using Emoticons in Computer-Mediated Communication - An experimental study using Instant Messaging
- Pamela Gjerpe & Mats Jönsson

IDE0534 From Visions to Specification - Using user designed mock-ups for envisioning user requirements for the future e-newspaper
- Fredrik Ovesson & Kristin Wikström

IDE0533 Microwave Wireless Communication Link
- Per Karlsson & Fredrik Svensson

IDE0532 3D imaging of a surface using an antenna array
- Niklas Andersson & Andreas Nilsson

IDE0531 Three Dimension Imaging of Surfaces using PDI
- Sadi Khalid Abu Dalou

IDE0530 Diagnostics using SELDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry
- Michael Lysek & Tobias Persson

IDE0529 Outdoor localization using Wireless Ethernet
- Mattias Gustafsson & Knut-Martin Lindgård

IDE0528 Methods for online thickness measurement in forming fabrics
- Jens Lundström & Robin Delkertz

IDE0527 Improvement of Mass Spectrometry Protein Identification
- Alain Zeiner

IDE0526 Unsupervised Texture Segmentation using Multi-scale Complex Moments
- Stefan Karlsson & Radhakrishnan Poomari

IDE0525 Priors for time series forecasting
- Tiantian Su

IDE0524 Gait Analyses using Portable Tactile Sensors
- Daniel Grafström

IDE0523 Low Complexity Robust Active Noise Control in a Ventilation Duct
- Mikael Arvidsson & Ulf Bengtsson

IDE0522 Autonomous Underwater Robot using IPMC as Actuator
- Boris Durán & Amer Hadziomerovic

IDE0521 Quality Measure of FIngerprints
- Nadeem Ahmad Khan


IDE0519 COMPIS II - A service framework for cognitive disabled persons
- Stefan Domenig

IDE0518 Gigabit Wireless
- Ehsan Shayesteh & Gustav Areskoug

IDE0517 SnitchElizer - automated plagiarism detection
- Stefan Verzel & Anders Johansson

IDE0516 High Performance System Area Networks Multi - Service Support
- Mohammed Ghiasul Hasan, Khaawar Hameed Wyne & Shaik Feroj

IDE0515 High performance system area networks Multi - service support
- Anil Kumar Nakkerthi & Bin Wang

IDE0514 Wireless HDTV
- Mathias Waller & Anders Wiberg

IDE0513 A secure web service framework for a wireless distributed environment
- Marcus Berglund & Emil Wennman

IDE0512 Extreme Processors for Extreme Processing - study of highly parallel architectures
- Björn Bylin & Roger Karlsson

IDE0511 Scaleable AWG (Array Waveguide Grating)-based Network for Real-Time Communication
- Junren Xiang

IDE0510 Optical Communication in Avionics
- Rickardh Asplund & Arita Statovic

IDE0509 The Open Secure Office Project - Evaluating STITCH
- Emil Nilsson, Jonas Olsson & Andreas Ståhl

IDE0508 Open Secure Office Project - Graceful Degradation in Distributed Embedded Systems
- Peddu Srihari

IDE0507 Global Communication in Difficult Environments for Logistics Tracking and Monitoring Systems
- Debashish Ganguly & Venkata Phani Sankar.S

IDE0506 Simulation of information flow in an ad hoc wireless communication network for an intelligent vehicle safety system
- Nityanand Pemmaraju & Srinivasa Reddy Bhumi Reddy

IDE0505 Programming & Implementation of Streaming Applications
- Ola Johnsson, Magnus Stenemo & Zain ul-Abdin

IDE0504 Global communication and positioning in harsh environments
- Bernd Resch & Peder Romirer Maierhofer

IDE0503 Extreme Processors for Extreme Processing
- Christian Bangsgaard, Tobias Erlandsson & Alexander Örning

IDE0502 Open Secure Office Project - Wireless Sensor Network
- Rikard Andersson, Martin Sandberg & Laszlo Urszuly

IDE0501 Wireless On-Board Diagnostics
- Rene Schirninger & Stefan Zeppetzauer

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