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School of Information Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering - Publications 2006

  • Conference paper
  • Lindqvist, Mats, Henriksson, Simon, Söderblom, Martin (2006). E-newspaper Navigation - Designing navigational aids for a new electronic medium. Proceedings of the 29th Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia (IRIS'06). S. 11. View detailed record in DiVA link to external website
IDE 0676 Persson, A. and L. Bengtsson,
"Reverse converter architectures for signed-digit residue systems" presented at IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2006), Kos ,Greece, May 21-25, 2006.

Hammerstrom, D.,
“Biologically Inspired Architectures," in book, Information Technology, Editor: Rainer Waser, Wiley-Series: Nanotechnology, 2006.

Gao, C. J. and D. Hammerstrom,
“CMOL Based Cortical Models,", in book, Emerging Brain-Inspired Nano-Architectures, Editor Valeriu Beiu, 2006.

Bengtsson, L., A. Linde, T. Nordström, B. Svensson, and M. Taveniku
"The REMAP Reconfigurable Architecture: a Retrospective", Book chapter in FPGA Implementations of Neural Networks, eds. Omondi & Rajapakse, Springer-Verlag, 2006, ISBN: 0-387-28485-0

IDE0675 Emil Nilsson, E.
“Sensor Platform for 3D Microwave Interferometry Imaging", Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg 2006

IDE0674 Nilsson, B. L. Bengtsson, U. Bilstrup, P-A Wiberg, and B. Svensson
"Towards an Energy Efficient Protocol for Active RFID" presented at IEEE Symposium on Industrial Embedded Systems, Work-in-Progress session, Antibes, France, October 18-20, 2006 (abstract)PDF (pdf, 8.3 kB)

IDE0673 Ihlström Eriksson, C., M. Åkesson, J. Svensson, & T. Fredberg, T.
"Audience view on new technology for media consumption." In Proceedings of the International Workshop on Consuming Audience, Copenhagen, September 29-30, 2006.

IDE0672 Ihlström, C. & Åkesson, M.
"Multi users in multi contexts - a mobile tourism setting." Presented at HCI International, Beijing, July 2007.

IDE0671 Åkesson, M. & Ihlström, C.
"The vision of ubiquitous media services: How close are we?" Presented at HCI International, Bejing, July 2007.

IDE0670 Master's thesis

IDE0669 Assabie, Y. & J. Bigun
"Recognition of Ethiopic Characters using Structural and Syntactic Techniques"

IDE0668 Assabie, Y. & J. Bigun
"Ethiopic Document Image Database (EDIDB) for Testing Character Recognition Systems"

Assabie, Y.
"Multifont Recognition System for Ethiopic Characters",  licentiate thesis (abstractPDF (pdf, 14.2 kB))

IDE0667 Fronthaler, H., K. Kollreider, J. Bigun, J. Fierrez-Aguilar, F. Alonso-Fernandez, J. Ortega-Garcia and J. Gonzalez-Rodriguez
"Fingerprint Image Quality Estimation and its Application to Multi-Algorithm Verification" (abstract) (full paperPDF (pdf, 1.3 MB))

Faraj, I. M.
"Lip-Motion and Speech Biometrics in Person Recognition", licentiate thesis (abstractPDF (pdf, 14.5 kB))

Persson, M.
"Crop and Weed Discrimination Using Computer Vision", licentiate thesis (abstractPDF (pdf, 13.7 kB))

IDE0666 Åkesson, M. and Ihlström, C.
"Towards an Ubiquitous Media Environment - adding the e-newspaper channel." In Proceedings of TAGA 2006, Vancouver, Canada.

IDE0665 Svensson W. and U.Holmberg.
"An autonomous control system for prosthetic foot ankle". Proc. of Mechatronics 2006, 4th IFAC symposium on Mechatronic Systems. Heidelberg,Germany, 12-14 sept. 2006. (abstractPDF (pdf, 36.7 kB))

IDE0664 Fronthaler H., K. Kollreider and J. Bigun,
"Automatic Image Quality Assessment with Application in Biometrics". Proc. of 2006 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, June 17-22, 2006, page(s):30-36.

IDE0663 Jonsson, M.,
"Section Introduction - Overview of Real-Time Communication Research Internationally", in ARTES - A network for Real-Time research and graduate Education in Sweden 1997-2006, Editor: Hans Hansson, pp. 333-351, Mar. 2006, ISBN 91-506-1859-8.

IDE0662 Bergenhem, C., and M. Jonsson,
"A pipelined fiber-ribbon ring network with heterogeneous real-time support", in ARTES - A network for Real-Time research and graduate Education in Sweden 1997-2006, Editor: Hans Hansson, pp. 373-395, March 2006, ISBN 91-506-1859-8.

IDE0661 Hoang, H., and M. Jonsson,
"Real-time communication for industrial embedded systems using switched Ethernet", in ARTES - A network for Real-Time research and graduate Education in Sweden 1997-2006, Editor: Hans Hansson, pp. 417-427, March 2006, ISBN 91-506-1859-8.

IDE0660 Hoang, H., G. Buttazzo, M. Jonsson, and S. Karlsson,
"Computing the minimum EDF feasible deadline in periodic systems", Proc. 12th International Conference on Embedded and Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications (RTCSA'06), Sydney, Australia, Aug. 16-18, 2006, pp. 125-134.

Bengtsson, O.,
"Robust Self-Localization of Mobile Robots in Dynamic Environments Using Scan Matching Algorithms", Ph.D. thesis (abstractPDF (pdf, 157.9 kB))

IDE0659 Elisabeth Uhlemann, Lars K. Rasmussen and Fredrik Brännström,
"Puncturing strategies for incremental redundancy schemes using rate compatible systematic serially concatenated codes" in Proc. International Symposium on Turbo Codes & Related Topics, Munich, Germany, April 2006, paper 78. (Full paperPDF (pdf, 221.4 kB))

IDE0658 Fan X., and M. Jonsson,
"Throughput and Delay-Bound Guarantees for Standard Switched Ethernet with FCFS and Priority Queuing", submitted to IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking.

IDE0657 Wang B., M. Jonsson and X. Fan,
"Analysis of efficient TDMA Schedules via the Fat-tree Network with Real-Time Many-to-Many Communication", Proc. of the 17th IASTED International conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems (PDCS'2006), Feb.14-16, Innsbruck, Austria.

IDE0656 Henfridsson, O., and R. Lindgren,
"Action Research in New Product Development." In Information Systems Action Research: Bridging the Industry-University Technology Gap (Ed. Ned Kock), Springer, 2006, pp. 193-216. (AbstractPDF (pdf, 13.3 kB))

IDE0655 Holmström, H., and O. Henfridsson,
"Improving Packaged Software through Community Knowledge" in Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems (18:1), 2006, pp. 3-36. (AbstractPDF (pdf, 13.7 kB))

IDE0654 Assabie Y., and J. Bigun
"Structural and Syntactic Techniques for Recognition of Ethiopic Characters." Proc. of Joint IAPR International Workshops on Structural, Syntactic and Statistical Pattern Recognition, Hong Kong, China, August 17-19, 2006, pp: 118-126.

IDE0653 Assabie Y., and J. Bigun
"Ethiopic Character Recognition Using Direction Field Tensor." Proc. of 18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Hong Kong, China, August 20-24, 2006.

IDE0652 Nilsson K., T. Rögnvaldsson, J. Cameron, and C. Jacobson.
"Biometric Identification of Mice." Presented at the 18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Hong Kong, 20-24 August 2006. (AbstractPDF (pdf, 13.5 kB))

IDE0651 Bilstrup U., K. Bilstrup, B. Svensson and P-A. Wiberg,
"Using dual-radio nodes to enable quality of service in a clustered wireless mesh network", to be presented at 11th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA '06), Prague, Czech Republic, September 2006 (AbstractPDF (pdf, 13.5 kB))

IDE0650 Bilstrup U., and P-A. Wiberg,
"An implementation of 3-tier hierarchical wireless sensor network", proc. of the 4th International IEEE Conference on Industrial Informatics, INDIN'06, Singapore, August 2006 (AbstractPDF (pdf, 13.4 kB))

IDE0649 Faraj I-M., and Bigun J.,
"Person Verification by Lip-Motion". Proc. of 2006 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, June 17-22, 2006, page(s):37-41.

IDE0648 Faraj I-M., and Bigun J.,
"Motion Features from Lip Movement for Person Authentication". Presented at The 18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, August 20-24, 2006.

IDE0647 Zimmerman, E.,
"Promoting Intranet use in Municipalities - A need for a holistic approach?" In the KiO Antology: The Knowledge Organization, edited by l. Carlsson, Cronquist, Kjellin and Wangler. Studentlitteratur. In Press.

IDE0646 Zimmerman, E., and J. Smedley,
"ERP Implementations - a Never Ending Story?" Proc. of The 29th Information Research Seminar in Scandinavia (IRIS), Copenhagen Business School, Helsingör, Denmark 12-15 august, 2006.

IDE0645 Uhlemann E., L. K. Rasmussen and P.-A. Wiberg,
"Wireless real-time communication using deadline dependent coding." a chapter in ARTES - A Network for Real-Time Research and Graduate Education in Sweden, edited by H. Hansson, Uppsala University, Sweden, 2006, ISBN: 91-506-1859-8, pp. 397-415.

IDE0644 Fredberg, T. & C., Ihlström,
"Harnessing or comforting?" Presented at the International Workshop on Organizing Media: Influences on and implications of Company Architecture, Göteborg, October 20-21.

IDE0643-IDE0642 Master's thesis

IDE0641 Åkesson, M.
"Mobile service value - presenting the newspaper publisher view on how to attract users and advertisers". Presented at IRIS'29 in Denmark 2006.

IDE0640 Svensson, J., & J. Hakeröd,
"Design of navigational support for task oriented reading in e-newspapers." Presented at IRIS'29 in Denmark 2006.

IDE0639 Lindqvist, M., S. Henriksson, & M. Söderblom,
"E-newspaper Navigation - Designing navigational aids for a new electronic medium." Presented at IRIS'29 in Denmark, 2006.

IDE0638 Ihlström, C., M. Åkesson, J. Svensson, & T. Fredberg,
"Audience view on new technology for media consumption." Presented at the International Workshop on Consuming Audience, Copenhagen, September 29-30.

IDE0637 Teferi, D. and J. Bigun
"Building Video Databases to Boost Performance Quantification - The DXM2VTS Database"

Englund, C.
"Modelling the Offset Lithographic Printing Process", licentiate thesis (abstractPDF (pdf, 35.9 kB))

IDE0636 Rasmussen L.K., E. Uhlemann and F. Brännström
"Concatenated systems and cross-layer design", in Proc. of Australian Communications Theory Workshop, Perth, Australia, February 2006, pp. 80-86. (abstractPDF (pdf, 15 kB))

IDE0635 Master's thesis

IDE0634 Bengtsson, J.
"Efficient Implementation of Stream Applications on Processor Arrays", licentiate thesis (abstractPDF (pdf, 17.6 kB))

IDE0633 Master's thesis

IDE0632 Åkesson, M. & Ihlström, C.
"Designing and evaluating the calm e-newspaper." Presented at ECIS 2006, Göteborg, June 12-14, 2006.

IDE0631 Ejnarsson, M., C.M. Nilsson and A. Verikas
"A Kernel Based Multi-Resolution Time Series Analysis for Screening Deficiencies in Paper Production" Presented at "ISNN 2006, 3rd International Symposium on Neural Networks. May 28-31, 2006, Chengdu, China (abstractPDF (pdf, 13.8 kB)).

IDE0630 Bengtsson, J. and B. Svensson,
"A Configurable Framework for Stream Programming Exploration in Baseband Applications". Presented at the 11th International Workshop on High-Level Parallel Programming Models and Supportive Environments in conjunction with IPDPS 2006. April 25-29, 2006, Rhode Island, Greece (abstractPDF (pdf, 32.1 kB))

IDE0629 Bengtsson, J
"Baseband Processing in 3G UMTS Radio Base Stations", (technical report)

IDE0601-0628, 0633, 0635, 0642, 0643, 0670 Master's theses 2006

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