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School of Information science, Computer and Electrical Engineering - Master's theses written 2006

All masters' thesis can be found in the library's databases DiVA external link (full text) or in Student paperssearch external link (older student theses without fulltext)

IDE0670 Real-Time Ethernet Networks Simulation Model
- Taweewit Pensawat

IDE0643 Towards Programming Correct Protocol Stacks
- Malik Saadullah & Jamal Tauseef

IDE0642 Fault-Tolerant Ethernet
- Tran Chin

IDE0635 Self-Organizing Wireless Sensor Networks for Inter-Vehicle Communication
- Zeeshan Iqbal

IDE0633 Simulation of Switched Ethernet
- Kishore Kumar Nachegari & Suresh Babu Eadi

IDE0628 Microwave Wireless Communication System
- Carl Dagne, Johan Bengtsson & Ingemar Lindberg

IDE0627 Microwae Wireless Communication Link Base Band Part
- Faisal Jamil

IDE0626 Comparative Study of Infrared Photodetectors Based on Quantum Wells (QWIPS) and Quantum Dots (QDips)
- Conny Hansson & Krishna Kishore Rachavula

IDE0625 Recognizing Combustion Variability for Control of Gasoline Engine Exhaust Gas Recirculation using Information from the Ion Current
- Anna Holub & Jie Liu

IDE0624 A Neural Reinforcement Learning Approach for Behaviors Acquisition in Intelligent Autonomous Systems
- Eric Aislan Antonelo

IDE0623 Embedded Vision System for Intra-row Weeding
- Thomas Oberndorfer

IDE0622 Measuring Technique for a Lower Limb Load Alarm System
- Johan Pettersson & Per Hansson

IDE0621 Analysis of an Energy Recovery Ventilator
- Anders Hilmersson & Ulf Paulsson

IDE0620  Unsupervised learning for Plant Recognition
- Mersal Jelacic

IDE0619 Online Face Recognition Game
- Yawei Qu & Mingxi Yang

IDE0618 T4 Technology Evaluation
- Michael Wallner, Johan Westlund & Amir Mansouri

IDE0617 Collaborating Vehicles for Increased Traffic Safety
- Issam Khalil & Mohamed Morsi

IDE0616 Hard Real Time Guarantees using Switched Ethernet and Distributed Scheduling (EDF)
- Kam KinShe & Kondreddi Bhavani Chandrasekhar

IDE0615 Design of Hardware Components for a Baseband Processing API
- Fadi Josef Sadek & Rana Sabih ur Rehman Khan

IDE0614 An Intelligent Vehicle Safety Based on Self-Organized Time Division Multiple Access (SOTDMA)
- Ahasanul Alam & M Hassan

IDE0613 All Optical Switching Architectures - A Comparative Study and Solutions
- Saju Sathyan

IDE0612 ZigBee suitability for Wireless Sensor Networks in Logistic Telemetry Applications
- Kamran Javed

IDE0611 Design of a Prototype Engine Control Unit
- Kent Abrahamsson

IDE0610 Performance  Measurements in Wireless 802-11g Multi-Hop Networks
- Stefan Achleitner & Wolfgang Seiss

IDE0609 Baseband Simulator
- Peter De Silva & Roger Pettersson

IDE0608 Implementation Study of Radar Signal Processing
- Mikael Ekström &  Martin Westerberg

IDE0607 Fast Factorized Back-projection in an FPGA
- Andreas Hast & Lars Johansson

IDE0606 A Reconfigurable SIMD Architecture On-chip
- Johan Andersson, Mikael Mohlin & Artur Nilsson

IDE0605 Reconfigurable Backplan Topology
- Gunda Rajendra Prasad, Thenmatam Ajay Kumar, Kurapati Srinivasa Rao

IDE0604 Effective Power Consumption in MAC Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
- Angelia Augustin

IDE0603 Implementation Study of IEEE 802.15.4
- Assad Hussain & Muhammad Kazim Hafeez

IDE0602 Wireless Sensor Network Simulator
- Thammakit Sriporamanont & Gu Liming

IDE0601 Security versus Power Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks
- Christine Fötschl & Stefan Rainer

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