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School of Information Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering -  

Master's theses 2007

All masters' thesis can be found in the library's databases DiVA external link (full text) or in Student paperssearch external link (older student theses without fulltext)

IDE0776 On the use of Quasi-Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Indirect Method for Stochastic Volatility models
- Gulmira Ishakova

IDE0775 On the Classification of Solvable Lie Algebras of Finite Dimension Containing an Abelian Ideal of Codimension One
- Conrad Kobel

IDE0752 GERASOS - A wireless healthcare system
- T.V. Rajani Kanth

IDE0751 Investigation of Services and Application Scenarios for Inter-Vehicle Communication
- Jean Marie Vianney Hakizimani

IDE0750 Biometric Identification of Mice
- Andreas Ellmauthaler & Eric Wernsperger

IDE0747 Low-noice amplifier for radio telescopes at 1.4 GHz frequenzy
- Mohammad Kawsar Imam & Venkat Ramna Aita

IDE0746 Patch Antenna for 1420MHz Radio Telescope
- Yan Zhang

IDE0745 Correlation between Sector Indices of OMX Stockholm Exchange Market
- Ksenia Borbacheva

IDE0744 Hedging strategies of a European claim written on a nontraded asset
- Dorota Kanorowska & Piotr Wienorek

IDE0743 On Stock Index Volatility with Respect to Capitalization
- Anna Bronskaya & Marina Pachentseva

IDE0742 The Ising Model on a Random Graph Apllied to Interacting Agents on the Market
- Ida Karlsson

IDE0741 The feedback effects in illiquid market, hedging strategies of large leaders
- Sergeeva Nadezdo

IDE0740 How reliable is implied volatility? A comparison between implied and actual volatibility on an index at the Nordic Market
- Maria Kozyreva

IDE0739 Valuation of portfolios under uncertain volatility: Black-Scholes.Barneblatt ezuation and static hedging
- Anna Kolesnichenko & Calina Shopina

IDE0738 The fair price evolution in illiquid markets
- Maxim Bobrov

IDE0737 Variance Reduction for Asian Options
- Galina Galda

IDE0736 Sturcture of the hedging portfolio for American Put and Russian Options
- Alexander Stromilo

IDE0735 Evaluation of Parallel Programming Standards for Embedded high Performance Computing
- Muggalla James Emmanuel Roy & Garimela Pradip Kumar

IDE0716 Benchmarks for embedded multi-processors
- Shaojie Gong & Zhongping Deng

IDE0715 Distributed DHCP for WMNs using IPv6
- Daniela Molerón & Sergio Sánchez

IDE0714 GPS based Vehicles Conflict Measure and Dynamic Slot Allocation
- Khizar Hayat & Eraj Khan

IDE0711 Evaluate TinyOS and Contiki
- Olusola Famoriyo

IDE0710 Test Environment Design for Wireless Vehicle Communications
- Peter Lerchbaumer & Alejandro Ochoa

IDE0709 Analysis of Multimedia Networks for Automotive Applications
- Kajetan Feichtenschlager & Petr Knopp

IDE0708 Modelling the StreamBits Language
- Jonathan Andersson

IDE0707 Parsing a Portable Stream Programming Language
- Gordon Ononiwu & Twaha Mlwilo

IDE0706 Automatic Testing StreamBits
- Erik Agrell & Tim Rosenkrantz

IDE0705 Combining the Good Things from Vehicle Networks and High-Performance Networks
- Herbert Ecker & Armide Misikir

IDE0704 Adaptive Control of Foot Orthosis
- Ziad Ekwaneen, Hesham Elkhbai & Ali Manzoor

IDE0703 Torque Sensor Free Power Assisted Wheelchair
- Daniel Petersson & Jonas Johansson

IDE0702 Visual Servoing in Semi-Structured Outdoor Environments
- Andreas Evesson & Calle Rosenqvist

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