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School of Information science, Computer and Electrical Engineering

Masters' theses 2008

All masters' thesis can be found in the library's databases DiVA external link (full text) or in Student paperssearch external link (older student theses without fulltext)

IDE08105 ARQ protocols supporting QOS in embedded systems
- Aydin B. Mofrad

IDE0896 An empirical study to observe route recoverability performance of routing protocols in real-time communication
- Waqas Aslam

IDE0895 A framework for network software
- Nadir Latif & Deepak Venugopal

IDE0894 A theoretical evaluation of commercially available tool chain for rapid prototyping of wireless communication systems.
- Usman ZafarUllah & Zaman Zafar Cheema

IDE0893 Classification of muscles from ultrasound image sequences.
- Affan Mustofadee

IDE0890 Channel sounding
- Wajid Iftikhar & Jaroslav Raichl

IDE0855 Mice Recognition - Representation of Earprints
- Antonio Vara Piquer & Sebastià Antoni Verger Vidal

- Gül Önder & Aydin Kayacik

IDE0850 A Framework for Network Software
- Deepak Venugopal & Nadir Latif

IDE0849 protoBOM - Framework that semi-automatically generates Decision Support Systems based on Software Product Lines
- Maria Gomez Lacruz

IDE0848 Pricing of European Type Options for Levy and Conditionally Levy Type Models
- Stepan Sushko

IDE0847 Calibration Parameters of the Heston Model for the High Volatility Period of Market
- Maria Maslova

IDE0846 Optical Characterization of Quantum-Dots-in-a-Well Infrared Phtodetectors Under External Perturbations
- Carlos Cervantes & Weronika Lewandowska

IDE0844 Self-Organized Deviation Detection
- Ivan Kreshchenko

IDE0843 New Method  to Calculate Worst-Case Communications Delay in Distributed Real-time Systems
- Rohan Anand Patil, Faheem Ahmed Khalid & Mohammed Murad Hossain Sarker

IDE0838 Signal processing on Ambric processing Array: Baseband processing in radio base stations
- Chaudhry Majid Ali & Muhammad Qasim

IDE0837 Modeling and Monitoring of the Price Process of Credit Default Swaps
- Anna Loshkina & Elena Malysheva

IDE0836 Remote Surveillance and Measurement
- Muhammad Rashid & Mutarraf Mumtaz

IDE0835 Pricing Variance Swaps by Using Two Methods: Replication Strategy and a Stochastic Volatility method
- Danijela Petkovic

IDE0834 Pricing of CDO Tranches by Means of Implied Expected Tranched Loss
- Anna Iakovleva

IDE0833 Comparative Analysis of SVJJ and Hyperbolic Models on the Swedish Market
- Ekaterina Anisimova & Tomasz Lapinski

IDE0832 Risk Management Based on GARCH and Non-parametric Stochastic Volatility Models and some Cases of Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution
- Askerbi Midov & Konstantin Balashov

IDE0831 On the Duality of Optimal Control problems with Stochastic Differential Equations
- Tony Huschto

IDE0830 On the Solution of State Constrained Optimal Control Problems in Economics
- Robert Kircheis

IDE0829 Direction Estimation on 3D Tomography Images
- Yuri Mazeyev

IDE0828 Power Assistant Design to Enhance Mobility of a Patient Lift
- Vitaly Tsirkin & Ravil Gazizov

IDE0827 Analysis of an  Uncertain Volatility Model in the Framework of Static Hedging for Different Scenarios.
- Alena Sdobnova and Jakub Blaszkiewicz

IDE0819 Visual usiXML - Model-Based User Interface Design Environment For Applications Specified In UsiXML
- Adoración López Nieves

IDE0814 Energy Saving Methods in Wireless Sensor Networks
- Syed Jawad Ali & Partha Roy

IDE0809 Robust Control Solution of a Wind Turbine. A simulation study
- Fernande A Vanegas & Carlos M Zamacona

IDE0808 Security in Distributed Embedded Systems
- Rohit Tewatia

IDE0807 Evaluation of Compilers for MATLAB- to C-Code Translation
- Markus Müllegger

IDE0806 Functional Analysis of Real World Truck Fuel Consumption Data
- Georg Vogetseder

IDE0805 Real-Time Support and Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks
- Mahmood Ali & Sai Kumar Ravula

IDE0804 Screening Web Breaks in a Pressroom by Soft Computing
- Ahmad Alzghoul

IDE0803 Comparison of Salient Feature Descriptors
- Sara Farzaneh

IDE0802 Knowledge Extraction from Logged Truck Data using unsupervised Learning Methods
- Thomas Grubinger

IDE0801 Identifying Deviating Systems with Unsupervised Learning
-Georg Panholzer

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