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School of Information science, Computer and Electrical Engineering

Masters' theses 2009

All masters' thesis can be found in the library's databases DiVA external link (full text) or in Student paperssearch external link (older student theses without fulltext files)

IDE0960 Recovery Performance in Redundant Campus  Network
- Sergo Mchedlishvili & Girinandan B. Srinivasa

IDE0959 Emulation of the IP Core Network for Testing of the Service GPRS Support Node (SGSN) Routing Application
- Hossain Torkaman

IDE0958 Evaluation of VOIP codecs over 802.11 wireless networks
- Arbab Nazar

IDE0957 Predicting stock price index
- Gao Zhiyuan & Qi Likai

IDE0954 Traffic engineering and multiprotocol label switching as mean to improve network efficiency
- Muhammad Uzair Suleman & Sheheryar Khan

IDE0953 Design and Implementation of an Ion Beam Profiling System
- Johan Stude

IDE0950 Ethernet Network Functionality Testing
- Mirza Aamir Mehmood & Mohtashim Khan

IDE0949 Security in Wireless Mesh Networks
- Shakeel Ahmad Ghumman

IDE0948 Vanet simulation
- Aamir Hassan

IDE0947 Reliability & load handling problem in Internet service Provider's Network
- Mirza Kashif Abrar & Imran Pervaiz

IDE0946 Photonic Crystal Designs (PCD)
- Adnan Daud Khan & Muhammad Noman

IDE0945 Improved energy modelling of wireless personal area network
- Junaid Wahab & Zubair Ali

IDE0944 Robust home care access network
- Sajid Sohail & Tariq Javid

IDE0943 A reactive object API for PIE using TinyTimber
- Wilberth Rircardo de León & Mariano Andrés Colabraro

IDE0942 Automatic imaging for face biometrics an eye localization
- Tao Wang & Weifeng Lin

IDE0938 Monitoring of financial data time-series using weighted moving average methods
- Artur Bondyra

IDE0937 Testing for jumps in face of the financial crisis. Application of Barndorff-Nielsen - Shephard test and the Kou model
- Agnieszka Pszczola & Grzegorz Walachowski

IDE0936 Modeling dependence structures of Swedish large cap stocks by using copula functions
- Monika Kuta & Michal Kowalewski

IDE0935 Hetrogeneous embedded network architecture
- Faisal Rehman

IDE0934 Monitoring of financial data time-series using the Cusum method
- Irena Zajac

IDE0933 A comprehensive survey about identifying system concepts of ICT requirements of IRAN intelligent transportation system CSTS
- Kayran Farzaneh

IDE0932 Application of data envelopment analysis in credit scoring
- Marcin Tomasz Krzysztofik

IDE0931 High-level parallel programming of computation-intensive algorithms on fine-grained architecture
- Fahad Islam Cheema

IDE0930 Fast layer 3 handover in vehicular communication
- Ahmad Naseem Alvi & Tsovinar Babakhanyan

IDE0929 Valuation of installment options
- Anton Mezentsev & Anton Pomelnikov

IDE0928 The impact of estimation errors on the option pricing. An application of the Normal Inverse Gaussian Model on the Nordic Market
- Natalia Poreba & Patrycja Przytula

IDE0925 A new space-time model for interacting agents in the financial market
- Maria Boguta

IDE0923 NIG distribution in modelling stock returns with assumption about stochastic volatility. Estimation of parameters and application to VaR and ETL
- Magdalena Kucharska & Jolanta Pielaszkiewicz

IDE0922 A new method for valuing of multi-asset options (Basket-options)
- Olessia Vasilieva

IDE0921 The reliability of Value-at-Risk prediction based on the assumption of the normal Inverse Gaussian model during high volatility market periods versus low volatility market periods
- Joanna Kozak

IDE0920 Security in Private Branch IP-Telephony Network with QOS Demands
- Imran Akbar & Khuram Shazad

IDE0916 Network compability analysis and related implementations improvements recommendations
- Mujahid Tabassam & Khamees Elkhateeb

IDE0915 A high order compact method for non-linear Black-Scholes option pricing equations with transaction costs
- Ekaterina Dremkova

IDE0914 High-order compact methods for the American option pricing problem
- Anastasia Ivanova & Vera Egorova

IDE0913 Analytical study of the Schönbucher-Wilmott model of the feedback effect of hedging in illiquid markets
- Anna Mikaelyan

IDE0912 Study of the group properties of the Sircar-Papanicolaou model in case of a nonlinear utility function
- Liudmila Petrova & Liubov Ivkina

IDE0909 Super regenerative recliner for HF band applications
- M. Taifoor Safdar, Khawar Hanif & Shakeel Ahmad Ghumman

IDE0904 Security issues of BGP in complex peering and transit networks
- Muhammad Adnan Khalid & Qamar Nazir

IDE0903 Using peer to peer voice over wireless ad hoc networks as an emergency command and control system
- Choudbry Humayun Saleem & Khadim Hussain

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