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Five year anniversary of Chinese collaboration

This week, for the fifth consecutive year, 30 engineering students visited Halmstad University from Shanghai Dianji University (SDJU). New for this year is that students from Halmstad University will now have the opportunity to do a student exchange at SJDU in China. This exchange will take place later this autumn.

High up on the 22nd floor of the Trade Center a group of well-dressed, Chinese students are standing awaiting the Vice Chancellor’s speech to be followed by a welcome dinner. It is to celebrate Halmstad University's five year collaboration with Shanghai Dianji University. Vice Chancellor Stephen Hwang said in his welcome speech that students should make use of the opportunity to develop during the three months they will be in Halmstad.

He continues, “See your studies here in Sweden as an opportunity to experience new things. Use that opportunity to truly develop and learn to be creative in your future professions.”

Rektor Stephen Hwang välkomnade studenterna.

Vice Chancellor Stephen Hwang welcomes the students.

More than only studies

Mike Danilovic is project manager and professor of industrial organisation with a focus on innovation and management of technology. Mike was the one who started the collaboration with SDJU seven years ago when he worked with wind power research, and the Chinese university have appointed him the "Distinguished Overseas Professor".

“The Research and Study Programme in Wind Power Innovation requires more than just an academic aspect. Students need to learn to see the technology in a business context through, for example, study visits,” explains Mike Danilovic.

“Furthermore, students also learn the ways of Swedish teaching and learning as well as more about the western market. This is something that one cannot study and I am very proud that we can give them this knowledge here,” says Mike.

The students and teachers in the collaboration with Shanghaiuniversitetet SDJU.

Becomes an exchange program

As of this year, students from Halmstad University will also have the same opportunity as their Chinese peers, the possibilities of an exchange. Twelve of the university students will study two elective courses at SDJU during this coming autumn, visit approximately 16 companies and science park facilities, as well as learning the basics of Mandarin. This is something Mike Danilovic is very happy about, and he hopes that the collaboration will continue and develop in the future.

“There is great potential for development when it comes to our collaboration with SDJU. We learn a great deal about the Chinese society, companies and the market, at the same time as we establish contacts both in research and in the business world. I hope, in particular, that even more students choose to take the opportunity to study in China next year,” says Mike Danilovic.

Text and photo: TOVE NORDÉN

Mike Danilovic

Mike Danilovic is project manager for Halmstad University's collaboration with China.

I hope that even more students choose to take the opportunity to study in China.

Mike Danilovic 

Updated 2018-01-16