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Great interest in Halmstad University’s first joint graduation ceremony

On June 1, Halmstad University is organising its first joint graduation ceremony for all graduates. The ceremony is the start of a new tradition for the University and a part in strengthening the solidarity and the entire student experience.

– It is important that we as a University show appreciation for our students and pay attention to their success in graduation. A joint ceremony is our way of making their graduation memorable and at the same time thanking the students for their time and commitment here, says Vice-Chancellor Stephen Hwang.

The interest in Halmstad University's first joint graduation ceremony on June 1 has been great. More than 700 students have registered and together with employees and student guests up to 3 000 people will participate at the event in Halmstad Arena.

– The response we have received from our students is amazing. We hope that they leave the University with nice memories and feel that their study period got a festive ending, says Sofia Ryan Hägerling, event coordinator and responsible for the graduation ceremony.

Solidarity and newly established awards

This new tradition plays an important part in strengthening the entire student experience, which is a priority for the Halmstad University.

– It is important that we as a University show appreciation for our students and their success in their studies. A joint graduation ceremony strengthens the solidarity so that the students feel proud both of what they have accomplished themselves and to be part of the University. To enhance this we will hand out newly established awards, both at the programme assemblies and at the joint graduation ceremony, says Vice-Chancellor Stephen Hwang.

Sofia Ryan Hägerling and Sandra Sandberg sitting in Halmstad Arena.

Sofia Ryan Hägerling and Sandra Sandberg expect a grand ceremony on June 1. ‘Thanks to the great interest we will fill the stands here at Halmstad Arena’, says Sandra Sandberg.

The university labs have open house

The joint graduation ceremony takes place at Halmstad Arena in the afternoon of June 1. Prior to that, family and friends who want to get an insight of the students' everyday lives can take a walk around campus and visit the university's lab environments, which are open for public at this day.

– It will be a memorable and festive day for all, both students, their guests and employees. Now we just hope the sun will shine on us, says Sandra Sandberg, university assistant and responsible for the ceremony.


Programme at Halmstad Arena

14.00: Light refreshments served in the foyer at Halmstad Arena
14.40: Graduation classes gather 15.00: Graduation ceremony begins
16.30: Conclusion

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