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New examination opportunity due to fire alarm

A fire alarm was triggered in R Building this morning and the entire building had to be evacuated. It was the smoke detector at the entrance of R building that triggered the alarm, which was a genuine alarm and not a test.

– A probable cause is that someone lit a lighter, or smoked a cigarette on the way in our out of the building, says Rikard Ahlgren, Head of Estates at Halmstad University.

Fire alarm test earlier in the day

Due to a test of the fire alarm being carried out in T Building earlier the same day, which was known and announced in advance, many in R Building misinterpreted the fire alarm and thought it was the advertised test. Because of that, some people did not evacuate the building, or started arguing with staff whether it was really necessary to evacuate.

– You should always evacuate when you hear an alarm. Life is too precious for you to take chances with a fire alarm, says Rikard Ahlgren.

New examination opportunity as soon as possible

All the examinations taking place in the building were stopped and the students had to submit their work in its existing state. A new examination opportunity will be announced as soon as is practically possible. The submitted exams will be graded, but those who have passed based on the submitted parts will be given the opportunity to retake the exam, since they were not able to use the entire allotted examination time. The opportunity to retake the exam on these conditions does not apply to those students who submitted their exams before the fire alarm went off.

Updated 2018-03-16