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Zhejiang undergraduates engaged in Halmstad research

Zhejiang University is ranked third best university in China and among the top 200 universities in the world. Jian Yang and Zhenchao Lin, both students at Zhejiang University, are currently at Halmstad University for a summer internship, and have been successfully engaged in research projects. With this, the first collaboration between the two universities is off to a very positive start.

Jian Yang and Zhenchao Lin are majoring in Computer Science and Technology at Zhejiang University, and we asked them some questions about their experience here in Halmstad.

Why did you choose Halmstad University and the School of Information Technology for an internship?

– I had been searching for such an overseas internship programme for some time when I heard about it. It’s a great opportunity for me to learn how the research works at European universities and experience life here, says Jian Yang.

– This is a good chance to improve my English and my academic research ability. I also get to experience the lifestyle and history in Europe which I really admire, especially for northern Europe, says Zhenchao Lin.


Jian Yang and Zhenchao Lin attended Halmstad Summer School on Cyber-Physical Systems (HSSCPS) that was held July 17–21 at Halmstad University. During the HSSCPS 2017, participants from all over the world gathered to learn about key topics from prominent leaders in the field. They also got the chance to see Halmstad surroundings during the social activities.

Both of you have worked with Professor Walid Taha’s research group. What have you been working on during your internship?

– The big goal is to improve the precision of rigorous simulation for hybrid (continuous/discrete) systems. I have been working on rigorous simulation solvers implemented in Acumen, says Jian Yang.

– I have worked on reachability analysis, first on building a better visualisation method and then on improving the algorithm for determining cover containment, says Zhenchao Lin.

What do you think about Halmstad University and Sweden?

– Halmstad University is small and very nice. We can find everything we need at the University. Every building is well designed so we can easily find somewhere to sit down for a discussion or a brief rest. What’s more, people here are really good, staff are kind and efficient and teachers are friendly, says Jian Yang.

Zhenchao Lin agrees:

– My home university is significantly larger compared to Halmstad University, but the work environment here in Halmstad is really satisfying and enjoyable.

Zhenchao Lin

Zhenchao Lin during one of the social activities at HSSCPS 2017 in Halmstad.

Would you recommend other students from Zhejiang to come to Halmstad University for an internship?

– Of course. I have stayed here for about two months and I am getting familiar with life here. I think the weather is good and the surroundings are beautiful. The most important reason is that advisors like Professor Taha are really nice. He will always encourage us and discuss problems like a friend. In this way, we can get good training and it’s good for future studies.

– I agree, I would definitely recommend this programme, says Zhenchao Lin.

What would you like to work with in the future?

– I haven't decided yet, but it must be in Computer Science, says Jian Yang.

– I am still not sure about my future direction, but I will consider Halmstad University as a good choice, says Zhenchao Lin.

Walid Taha, Professor in Computer Science at Halmstad University, is pleased with the internships:

– Both Zhenchao and Jian worked hard and with great enthusiasm in their internships, and I am very happy with the results of their work. Together, they have contributed already to two research papers, and we expect more to come after the internship. Without doubt, they have been great ambassadors for Zhejiang University, and I have a feeling they will be the same for Halmstad. Special thanks are due to the exceptional administrators and faculty of Zhejiang University who helped us initiate this research collaboration between our universities, and to do so within a few months of our initial discussions earlier this year.


Professor Taha will always encourage us and discuss problems like a friend. In this way, we can get good training and it’s good for future studies.

Jian Yang

Jian Yang

Jian Yang, a student at Zhejiang University, has spent over two months as an intern at Halmstad University.

About Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University is situated in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province in eastern China and has about 50,000 students. The University was established in 1897 and celebrated its 120-year anniversary on May 21, 2017. Zhejiang University is ranked third best university in China and among the best 200 in the world. More information: link

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