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Halmstad University now has a forum for gender research

A second seminar was recently held at the University’s newly started forum for gender research.  This time the theme was “gender and dialogues”.  Therefore, two researchers from Malmö University were invited to speak about their research.
“One of the aims of our forum is to show the different perspectives concerning gender research.  By inviting interesting, inspiring researchers from other seats of learning, we are able to gain certain knowledge that is available within the country”, says Eva Schmitz, one of the founder members of the forum for gender research and who herself is a researcher in sociology herself, with gender issues as a specific interest.

Large interest

It was last spring that Eva Schmitz, Linnea Gustafsson, a university lector in Swedish, together with a few other researchers with an interest in gender research said to each other, “Why don’t we create a gender research forum?”.
“We found that there was a need within the researchers here at the university, for researchers who work with gender perspective to meet for a series of seminars.  Many different projects are in progress at the moment, in many different subjects and angles of approach.  However, the one thing they have in common is gender”, says Eva Schmitz.
All said and done. Eva Schmitz and the other founder members arranged a meeting to speak about and find out just how large the interest for gender research was at the University.
The interest was huge.  Approximately 25 researchers went to the meeting which resulted in an application to the University’s board for equal rights.  Funds were granted for a series of seminars, where research within the area both at the University and elsewhere in Sweden were to be highlighted.  Two purposes, or visions, were defined in the application for the series of seminars.
“The first is to initiate an anthology, where the University’s researchers contribute together; highlighting on gender and the diversity of research.  Such research exists in nearly all research environments at the University.  The thought is to publish the anthology in the University’s research publications and to be used in teaching”, Eva Schmitz explains.

Integration in areas of strength

The other purpose of the series of seminars is to strengthen research environments, enabling a gender- and diversity of perspectives to be integrated in the University’s areas of strength.
“We must not forget the perspective.  We want to find ways for cooperation between the environments.  The forum for gender research is a place for the University’s researchers who have an interest in and want to discuss gender perspectives in their research.  The knowledge that there is a forum will be a support for the University’s researchers who have, or want to have, a gender perspective, but have difficulty getting their views heard in their own environment.  It is a possibility to start a group and also have access to a network”, says Eva Scmitz.
The first seminar was in October and dealt with family issues while the second was held at the end of November.  The aim is to have three seminars per term.
Footnote. The seminar “Gender and Dialogues” which was held at the end of November was arranged by the research environment SLSR together with Forum for gender research.
Eva Schmitz is one of the researchers behind the newly created Forum for gender research at Halmstad University.
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