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Double up for Halmstad University in the Prestigious Embedded Award

Halmstad University collected first prize in two of the three categories at at the Technical Fair in Stockholm in the prestigious Swedish Embedded Award. In the student category, first prize went to students from the University, while the best business venture went to Comfort Audio AB; who have their roots at the University.

 The prize in the student category goes to four students: Mattias Bjäde, Spencer Mak, Johan Andersson and Fredrik Bergh who are part of electrical, mechatronics and computer science programmes at Halmstad University. The top prize was awarded for their work where, through advanced use of many different techniques, creates a better traffic environment, from both a security and environment perspective. The idea is built around allowing vehicles in traffic to drive in line at the same speed (also known as platooning), where the vehicles themselves, in cooperation with other vehicles, do part of the driver's job. The system can also help avoid the whiplash effects that tend to occur with the current system for cruise control.

It feels really good, say the four winners in unison, of winning 50,000 SEK, despite the tough competition. From left: Spencer Mak, Fredrik Bergh, Johan Andersson and Mattias Bjäde Photo: ROLAND THÖRNER

It was during this year's graduation exhibition Utexpo at the University that the young men came in contact with Bengt Magnhagen, Swedish Embedded Award, who urged them to apply for the competition in Stockholm. The students had by then, already experienced an honourable second place at the International Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge competition in Holland.

Halmstad Company with roots from Halmstad University won the Enterprise category

Halmstad University can also feel proud when it comes to the Enterprise category. Comfort Audio AB won first prize for their contribution Comfort Digisystem Receiver DT10, the world's first digital mini receiver for hearing aids. The entire construction weighs only a gram and provides the user with a unique sound, as the noise that is often experienced in traditional systems is eliminated.
The founders of Comfort Audio AB are former students at Halmstad University.

Swedish Embedded Award in 3 categories

The Swedish Embedded Award is awarded - for the ninth year running - to the year's best construction within embedded technology. The constructions/devices range from heavy industrial applications to communications and medical electronics. Basic requirements are that the contributions should contain built-in intelligence and are interesting for the commercial market.

The Swedish Embedded Award consists of three separate prizes in the categories: Enterprise, Student and Micro/Nano. The Business Prize, in the Enterprise category, is awarded to the best embedded design from participating Swedish companies.

The Student Prize is awarded to the best embedded construction from students at Swedish universities/colleges.
The Micro/Nano Prize is awarded to the best company or student contribution which has micro-/nano systems.
Halmstad University had two nominees in the student category and in the business category were two nominations with links to the University. The two companies have been started by former students at Halmstad University.


Swedish Embedded Award information
The awards ceremony took place at the Embedded Conference Scandinavia at the Technology Fair in Stockholm.
The prizes were handed out by the branch organisation Swedish Electronics-Embedded Technology, The Knowledge Foundation (KK stiftelse) with consortia teknIQ — expert intelligent products and minST — expert micro / nano systems technology, in collaboration the magazine Electronik i Norden and the Scandinavian Technical Fair.

“It feels great to win the Embedded Award, it is confirmation that we have a good technological excellence in what we do and it is fun to occasionally have to compare yourself with companies that make very different products," said August Pansell, Comfort Audio, when he yesterday received the award for best project in the Enterprise category. Photo. ROLAND THÖRNER

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