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First Payments from Foreign Students

Halmstad University has recently received the first payments from non-European students. Although it now requires tuition fee(s), these people have chosen to study at Halmstad University this coming autumn.

Halmstad University recently received the first four payments from foreign students. The students come from Thailand ,Pakistan ,China and Syria. The education programmes they will study are: a Master's Degree in International Marketing, Network Design and Computer Services, Integrated and Intelligent Systems and the Master's programme in integrated and intelligent systems

"It is great that we actually have four students who have paid. It is not until the payments are actually paid that we really know if they are going study here," says Brita Lundh, Director of the Student Affairs Department at Halmstad University.

In April last year, The Swedish Parliament decided that students from third countries, i.e. outside the EU, EEA and Switzerland are required to pay tuition fees for courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. The change applies only to so-called free-mover students, meaning students who are not included in the University's exchange agreements.

Sent invoices

The aim is to have about 40 paying foreign students. Halmstad University has, for the start of this autumn, received a total of 1 600 applications from international students, of which, half are non-European. 92 have accepted and the University has sent them the required invoices. How many of those who will pay however, remain to be seen.

“If we reach the number of 40 paying students, then we are very happy," says Brita Lundh, who says that payments must be made by mid-May.


To help attracting international students, the University has 20 scholarships worth 30 000 SEK per semester to share. Two of the four students who have paid tuition fees have received a scholarship.

"It basically means half the tuition fees," says Brita Lundh.

Applicants' results have been crucial when deciding who shall received scholarships.

In order to recruit paying students abroad, the University has cooperation with agents in India and China, which conveys information about the University through e.g. fairs, shops and websites.



Updated 2011-05-20