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Halmstad University Admits own Doctoral Candidates

For the first time, Halmstad University has admitted doctoral candidates of its own and now provides research-level education under its own roof. There were many applicants, and in the last six months ten doctoral candidates have been admitted, from several different countries.
"We're delighted that there's been such a great interest in our salaried positions as doctoral candidates. This confirms the University's position as an institution of higher learning," says Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson, who chairs the faculty board.
The ten doctoral candidates are evenly divided between the two profile areas of Innovation Science and Information Technology, in which the University was accredited in June 2010 to provide research-level education and issue doctoral degrees. Previously the University received help from other institutions to offer research-level education and issue doctorates.

Important quality mark for the University

Having its own rights is important to Halmstad University as a higher-education institution.
"This places the University in a stronger position, with a higher level of quality in terms of both content and scope: in these fields we now boast acknowledged high quality on all levels. It's important for the University to receive this mark of quality and to be a specialized higher-education institution with research-level education in our profile areas," says Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson.
Two of the students admitted are so-called industrial doctoral candidates, who are employed and funded by companies, in these cases Getinge Sterilization and Volvo Technology.

Richard Grönevall is a newly admitted doctoral candidate at Halmstad University. He's writing a dissertation in the field of innovation science, a field that is unique to Halmstad University at the research-level of education.

"Industrial doctoral candidates are an important part of the collaboration between academia and the wider community. They can undergo further education within the framework of their profession and with an activity of relevance to their work. They are key bridges between academic research and industrial development," says Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson.

Writing dissertation in collaboration with Region Halland

One of the newly admitted doctoral students is Richard Grönevall, who will be writing a dissertation in innovation science and belongs to the research environment CIEL. He has been employed by the University since 2001 but has not had an opportunity to take his doctorate until now, since the program can now be given in Halmstad.
"It's great that it's "in house" and that we can shape my position and my research project pragmatically. The decision-making paths are short, and I know exactly what I'll be doing for the next five years," says Richard Grönevall.
His dissertation will be done in collaboration with Region Halland. With project portfolio management (PPM), Richard Grönevall will be creating a process to provide the leadership team with an overview of all projects in the organization and to allow them all to be coordinated in terms of time, cost, and outcome.
"There are hundreds of projects underway within the organisation. We lack knowledge of projects seen as portfolios and lack an understanding of how all the projects fit together, both from the perspective of those working on the projects and from the leadership. With better knowledge it will be possible to develop improved forms of leadership, coordination among projects, and better control regarding lead times, costs, and the quality of projects and portfolios. In this way we can make better use of the taxpayers' money in Halland," says Richard Grönevall.

Innovation science — only at Halmstad University

Halmstad University is the only institution in Sweden that offers research-level education in the field of innovation science.
"There's an enormous potential in innovation science. Halmstad University is the only institution in Sweden that offers research-level education in the field. It's something unique, just as the program in developmental engineering once was. It can be developed over time, which I find extremely exciting," says Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson.
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