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Halmstad University Appointed as a Knowledge Foundation Research Centre

Major investment for long-term research in innovation

Halmstad University has been appointed as a Knowledge Foundation Research Centre by the Knowledge Foundation. This implies that the Foundation will become involved, on a long-term basis, in Halmstad University's profiling and research with a special emphasis on innovation.

"It is very good news and a fantastic recognition of the University concerning the quality of work we do here. It strengthens significantly our position, both nationally and internationally. We will be even in a better position to face the challenges and needs facing society today — thereby, contributing to development and increased prosperity," says Halmstad University's Vice- Chancellor Mikael Alexandersson., who also mentions the challenges of rapid changes in technology, increased illness, aging population, climate change and increased global competition.

Known for collaboration

Even today, Halmstad University is known for conducting research with high relevance in co-production with industry and other stakeholders in society. The appointment made by the Knowledge Foundation will create excellent economic conditions for investments in research and innovation work in co-production with trade and industry.

Basically, the news implies that the Foundation approves of Halmstad University's plans for Research for Innovation, which creates a strong research environment for innovation-driven research in the three interlocking areas of strength: Innovation Science, Information Technology and Health and Lifestyle.

"This is the largest single research funding that a Swedish financier provides. It makes it possible for us to work long-term and it will be easier to get other financiers to listen to us by showing excellent research results. We have, for several years, proven ourselves competent and successful in collaboration with numerous companies within many different areas," says Bertil Svensson, professor of Computer Systems Engineering and Programme Director for Knowledge Environment - Research for Innovation at Halmstad University.

Research for Innovation

Examples of areas where the University's innovation-focused research has contributed to help trade and industry and other areas of society are: electronics (especially embedded and intelligent systems), business development and innovation ability at companies, health and health technology, environmental and energy innovations, service innovations and in sports and disability areas.

"I am very happy on behalf of Halmstad University today. Research and knowledge is extremely important, if not decisive, for the survival of companies and for Sweden's competitiveness globally. For about 20 years, I have had contact with Halmstad University and have participated in several different kinds of collaborations. On a personal point, both as a company owner and as an entrepreneur, I have benefitted greatly from having collaboration with the University, in being able to transform research-based knowledge to business ideas," says Johan Sedelius Hörberg, Managing Director for Phoniro and a member of Halmstad University's so-called "advisory board" for Research for Innovation.

One of Halmstad University's main partners is Region Halland, where right now, work is under way to further strengthen and wider the cooperation.

"We have many major issues that we need to work on; therefore, we need to broaden the perspectives. This applies, for example, health technology, logistics and health care, but also development within trade and industry and regional growth. Halmstad University's strong commitment to research for innovation is completely in line with our challenges and needs. The decision regarding the appointment from the Knowledge Foundation is very welcome and means an extension of major benefits for the County of Halland," says Catarina Dahlöf, Regional Director of Region Halland and member of Halmstad University's board of directors.


FACTS - The Knowledge Foundation

The Foundation Research Centre Programme is the Knowledge Foundation's efforts to develop research profiling and co-production at Sweden's new universities and colleges. Once appointed, it represents a ten-year commitment from the Foundation. In total, the Foundation has allocated SEK 1.5 billion for the programme.

Halmstad University is one of three teaching institutes that, during the past two years, have gone through a qualification process together with the Knowledge Foundation in the quest of becoming a Knowledge Foundation Centre. The other two are: Skövde University (appointed May 2011) and Mid-Sweden University.

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