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Halmstad University Starts Postgraduate Studies

This autumn Halmstad University is going to start with postgraduate education. The University will begin to educate doctors within Science Innovation, Computer Engineering and Signal- and System Engineering. This was decided during the University Board's latest meeting.

"Several of our research students will now be able to study all areas here at the University. It will be a better environment for them, with larger and more cohesive groups that can share experiences," says Veronica Gaspar, Director of postgraduate studies in Computer Technology and Signal- and System Engineering, at the School of Information Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering.

In June last year, the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education gave the good news that Halmstad University now had the degree-rights for doctors, which means that the University can independently run postgraduate studies.

Flying start

The University has about 80 postgraduate students; however, they are all linked to other educational institutions, which hold degree-rights. Postgraduate students, who have a specialisation corresponding to any of the three subjects where the University will start postgraduate studies, are offered to move to Halmstad.

"Our hope is to get off to a flying start this coming autumn with research students at different levels, both new, and those who are about to present a PhD dissertation" says Sven-Åke Hörte, President of the University's Faculty Board.

A third application

At the same time, Halmstad University is also working on a third application for degree-rights, in the field of quality of life.

"We now have two degree-rights, but we hope for a third one. We will submit a new application to examine doctors in this field too, either this autumn or next," says Sven-Åke Hörte.


Halmstad University recently set-up the first three topics at postgraduate level: Computer Engineering, and Signal- and Systems Engineering in the field of Information Technology and Science Innovation in the field of Innovation Science. The University can therefore begin postgraduate studies in these three subjects.

Veronica Gaspes, Director of postgraduate studies in Computer Technology and Signal- and Systems Engineering at the School of Information Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering

Svante Andersson, Director of postgraduate studies in Science Innovation at the School of Business and Engineering

Updated 2018-02-21