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Johanna Jansson: New Language Adviser at Skrivpunkten

(help and support in the Swedish language)
Hi there....
...Johanna Jansson the new language advisor/helper in the Swedish language at Skrivpunken after Torbjörn Jansson, who retired in the summer.

How have you been settling in?
"Fine thanks, I thought it would be quite a calm introduction but it was all go from day one, with students who needed help and had questions concerning supplementary examinations from last term. But it has been fun and I am enjoying it."

What have you worked with before?
"Just now I am on leave from adult education in Halmstad where I had been teaching Swedish as a second language. In recent years I also worked extra in the project "Korta vägen" helping academic foreigners in Sweden here at the university, and through that, I got the job here."
What happens next?
"This term I am working part time, so I will begin by becoming familiar with the job and getting to know my colleagues of the various departments and subjects. Basically getting to know how they work and how they think. Then I see what needs are required and what is asked for, so hopefully I can develop things next term."
Is there anything new on the horizon?
"We are planning a beginner's course in Swedish for the foreign teachers/lecturers who work here in the University, which hopefully will start later in the autumn. "Skrivpunkten" is for the University's employees as well; however, it is mainly the students that make use of it.
I will be teaching for example essay writing and shall meet students on the Nursing Programme this autumn.  To be aware of the possible problems when writing makes everyone's job easier: students, teachers and even my own."

Text and photo: ÅSA EHRNBERG

Johanna Jansson who began as a language adviser at “Skrivpunkten" earlier this autumn.

Updated 2011-12-02