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Many Creative Graduation Projects at Utexpo

An aid for a walking frame in the snow, a helmet that not only protects but also provides information to the user and a travel golf bag which holds everything the golfer needs; from golf clubs and clothes to even the golfer's trolley. These are a few of the over 100 creative projects that appeared at Utexpo, Halmstad University's annual graduation exhibition.

There was a tense and expectant atmosphere in the air when Halmstad University finally opened its doors to Utexpo. After several months of hard work, it was finally time for the students to demonstrate their graduation projects and take their long-awaited graduation. At the exhibition, which was the 30th since it started, over 100 different projects were presented from 16 different programmes.

New this year was the Student Union's job fair, held in conjunction with Utexpo, during one of the three day of Utexpo. In the University's Sports Centre, both students and entrepreneurs mingled with each other hoping to make contacts for the future.

This year's Utexpo was combined with the Student Union's Career Fair


helmet for the military

One of the exhibitors at Utexpo was Oskar Varland from the Mechanical Engineering Programme, who in collaboration with the consulting firm Tenderteq AB has developed a new helmet for the Armed Forces. The helmet is designed in a way so that it not only protects the user, but also provides essential information. For example, it is possible to attach a camera with night vision on the side of the helmet. The image is then projected on the helmet's visor.

"It should also be possible to get information e.g.  on weaponry on the visor, or a map so you can see where the others in the platoon are," says Oskar Varland and says that the helmet is adaptable to different tasks. If, for example, you need to be fully protected, there is an associated chin guard available to fit.

After Oscar Varland graduates, new challenges await in his new job as a designer at a consulting firm. "It was my first day yesterday, so now I have my hands full," he says.

Golf bag for travelling

Lizette Lindell and Jennifer Hoffman from the Innovation Engineering Programme have developed a travelling golf bag that can hold clothes, shoes, clubs and even the trolley. This would avoid taking an extra suitcase when you travel on golf holidays.

"You just take-out the inner bag, where the clothes are, which creates a pure golf-bag. Then, all you have to do is make your way to the golf course," says Jennifer Hoffmann.

Both think it's been fun to do something creative in their final degree project and not just sitting in front of a computer.

"We have spent much time in the workshop, sewing and building the prototype," says Lizette Lindell and says that they have already received some orders. Now we just have to find a manufacturer for the golf bag.


in snowy weather conditions

On the floor above the Sports Centre, several students were also busy presenting their creative ideas. Among others, Fredrik Nilsson and Linus Niklasson from the Mechanical Engineering Programme, and Sofie Sabo from the  Bio Mechanical Programme were showing a winter aid for walking frames, making it easier for older people to get out when it is wintery conditions.
"It works even when there is snow and ice and can get over snow embankments of 25 centimetres without having to lift it," says Fredrik Nilsson.

The fact that they have all studied various programmes has been a great asset in their work.

"It's been a very instructive collaboration," says Sofie Sabo who has made sure that the product has been developed in an ergonomic way. "The project has become much broader because we have knowledge from different areas."

After graduation, they will apply for a patent for their ideas; so therefore, do not want to reveal too much about the project.

"We hope our products can generate jobs in the future and that many will use our walking frames," says Fredrik Nilsson.

The Exhibition continued for three days. During the last day several grants from Sten Fåhrés fund were awarded to students from the Innovation Engineering Programme.

Text: LINDA Lundell
Photos: LINDA Lundell and IDA LÖVSTÅL

Jennifer Hoffmann and Lizette Lindell have developed a new type of travel golf bag that can hold clothes, shoes, clubs and a trolley

Cyrus Daneshmir, President of Entergate and former student of Halmstad University, delivered the inaugural speech. In 2008, he was awarded the Halmstad Municipality prize for entrepreneur of the year

Oskar Varland has developed a helmet that not only protects but also provides the user with various types of information on the inside of the visor.

Fredrik Nilsson, Sofie Sabo and Linus Niklasson have developed a winter aid for walking frames that make it easier for older people to come out when it is wintery conditions

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