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Mikael Alexandersson Becomes Halmstad University's New Vice-Chancellor

Now we know - Mikael Alexandersson, from 1 October 2011, has the job as Halmstad University's new Vice-chancellor. The decision was made by the Government yesterday.

The Government, thereby, followed the line of the University, which for a few weeks ago unanimously decided to propose to the Government Mikael Alexandersson's name as the new Vice-chancellor of Halmstad University.

"It feels very positive! I am looking forward to my task and to utilise all the power and potential found at Halmstad University," says Mikael Alexandersson.

Mikael Alexandersson is 58 years and is currently working as a Professor of Education and Dean of the Faculty of Education at Gothenburg University.

Mikael Alexandersson will take over as Vice-chancellor on 1 October 2011. The appointment is for a period of six years.

Mikael Alexandersson

Updated 2018-02-21