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University Teachers to Receive Knowledge of Information Technology

On September 28-29, 2011, the Centre for Learning and Education (CLU) at Halmstad University is arranging two days of inspiration for the University teachers to gain an insight into how to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education, sometimes also known as blended learning.

Teachers using digital tools in teaching are becoming more common, both in distance and campus education. However, the University needs to become even better in using ICT-solutions and CLU will therefore educate and inspire teachers to make greater use of the new technologies available.

"There is a huge variety of digital tools that you can use to pass on knowledge to the students. We cannot turn a blind eye that the digital road that will be the most common one to take in the future," says Johan Lindström, media developer at CLU.

Films Online

Digital tools used in teaching may include films and lectures via the Internet or communications with students via learning platforms or so-called smart-phones. It can also be pre-recorded lectures that students can access and take advantage of before regular teaching sessions and seminars.

"If a student becomes ill, for example, it is possible to add the lecture on a link on the web so students can look at it later," says Bertil Gustafsson, teacher in pedagogy and director of the CLU.

For two days, on both the 28th — 29th  September, CLU will arrange a meeting place for teachers and staff at the University who wish to learn more about the digital tools the University has to offer. Among other things, participants can listen to presentations and lectures, attend workshops and plan just how they want to use the ICT tools available.

Two guest speakers are on the programme: Chatarina Larson, a University lawyer from Umeå University, who will describe the rules that apply regarding copyrighting, and Alastair Creelman from Linnaeus University, who will speak about open educational resources (OER) and licensing.

New Teaching Platform

Furthermore, the new learning platform “Blackboard", which Halmstad University has recently signed an agreement with, and that gradually will replace the old DUP system, is to be demonstrated. Lars-Göran Hedstrom, ICT coach at CLU, will also show the web conference tool Adobe Connect.

The central meeting place for the two days is in the Q-building, but activities are also taking place in buildings R, F and O.

"This is a real demonstration of strength for the coming operational year and we will offer more opportunities for education and training in ICT-solutions in the future," says Bertil Gustafsson and mentions that already this autumn more training opportunities offered.


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