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Anna Got a Top Job in Oslo

After graduating from Halmstad University, Anna Håkansson got a job at Oslo's Public Transport, where she runs a large project in the Metro subdivision.

"We did a lot of project management work during our education with focus on business. So it gave me a good foundation."

When Anna graduated from the Innovation Engineering Programme in 2008, she never expected that, a couple of months later, she would be working as a project manager at Kollektiv transportproduksjon AS (municipal owned public transport operator), which is Oslo's equivalent of Stockholm's SL (Stockholm Public Transport).

"The reason it became Norway and in branch that I knew nothing about, was a pure coincidence. My boyfriend got a job in Oslo, so I applied for the job, had an interview and just 3 days later I was offered the position."

International certification

Anna Håkansson is working on a major project in the Metro sector, where an entire line is to be upgraded, as all the infrastructure is in poor condition and needs to be replaced. Much of her working time is spent planning the work, being responsible for purchasing and coordinating the various parties involved in the project; which, therefore, involves many projects- and construction meetings.

Project work at the company

The Innovation Engineering Programme at Halmstad University prepared her well for working life. Project management was an important part of the education and extensive collaboration with various places of work gave her the experience needed to manage projects "for real".

"I've had a lot of help from my education. It was not just to sit and study for exams education; we were out visiting companies that we had project collaborations with, working with real "cases" taken from the real world. It was a wide education with great connections within the business - a good preparation for professional life," says Anna Håkansson.

Found the education in the catalogue

It was when Anna Håkansson was browsing through Halmstad University's course catalogue that she fell for the Innovation Engineering Programme. Although it is now several years ago she left the University, she still in touch with many of her fellow students, and in connection with this year's orientation week (introduction week), her old class had a reunion in Halmstad.

Don't miss the orientation week

What are your tips for a new student?
"Join in the fun during orientation week, as it helps students get in contacts with students both within your own programme and other programmes. Try to make use of everything that is on offer: for example, listen to guest speakers, and create a network even during your student life. If so, you have a lot of benefits once you start work."


Anna Håkansson, is satisfied with her education at Halmstad University. In particular, she has benefited from the project management modules.

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