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Good Friends, Good Teachers, Good Education

Robert Lerinsson is in his third year of the programme Sustainable Tourism Development. Here he describes in words and pictures his life as a student at Halmstad University

Have fun together

At present, we are only about ten students who are actually studying here in Sweden. Our other classmates are studying abroad: in England, Scotland, Taiwan, the United States among other places. Before the lectures, the whole class usually sits together and talks about everything; although it usually is about things we have done over the weekend. We also talk about how our studying is going and help each other when we are stuck, which happens to everybody sometime. Despite different ages, we are all "in the same boat".

On excursion in Scotland

We went abroad in our second year, where we visited Edinburgh in Scotland. During our week there, we had the task of doing a travel brochure promoting the city. We were inspired after taking in the cultural sights and visiting the different shops, restaurants and pubs. The people were friendly, the food good, the weather was unusually nice and the pound was low. The brochure was a real success.

Environmental studies

Twice a term, we have been out in the wild. The education places a great emphasis on sustainable development, for example: the importance of reaching out to the locals in a tourist country and the consequences for the local society due to tourism, as well as, the consequences of the country as a whole, if sustainability is not applied. We have also had courses in marketing and business development, which gives us knowledge in entrepreneurship and starting your own business.

Getting together

I spend a lot of time with my classmates. I had not really thought about studying at university, but the great togetherness of the class makes you feel very motivated. The courses are good, so I feel that I am at the right place. My friends and I often meet at various cafes in town. We go out and party now and again, although it was a lot more partying during the first year. Nowadays, we meet quite often at each others' home at the weekends and in the evenings.

Halmstad is a lovely town

Studying at Halmstad University is not just about studying; there are the experiences too. We have lectures two or three times a week and the teachers/lecturers are great. They are interested, really know their subject and can answer our questions and queries. I have good friends, a good teacher so I am getting a good education from a programme that is not found in too many places in Sweden. It is a certainly a great mixture when all put together.

Robert Lerinsson

Age: 22
Studying: Sustainable Tourism Development
Originally from: Kinna in the County of Västergötland
Family: mother and father
Hobbies/Spare Time Activities: go to the gym, meet friends and socialise over a cup of coffee.
Dream Job: Tourist planner in a big city; preferably having a managerial position.
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