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Home Cooking can Help Your Study Allowance be Sufficient

"To cook your own food is a good way to keep the costs down and help make ends meet," says Mikaela Karlsson, who is studying media and communication studies at Halmstad University.
Mikaela Karlsson thinks it is fun to cook food and enjoys cooking from scratch; ideally, healthy food with lots of vegetables.
"It is probably because I am used to it from my childhood. I think it is important to look after your body and try your best to live healthily," says Mikaela, who devotes much of her spare time training and performing equestrian vaulting.

Last summer she participated in the recipe contest: This Year's Student Chef; Sweden's first recipe contest for students, where Mikaela, came an honourable tied second place. The requirement for the contest, hosted by Swedish Potato and, was that the dish was created by a student and based on potatoes.

Summery Potato Salad

Mikaela Karlsson's contribution "Summery Potato Salad" is made with: mustard, vinegar, potatoes, arugula salad and sundried tomatoes among other things.
"It is a dish I have made many times before and one that can have many different ingredients," says Mikaela, who heard about the recipe contest from a friend.
Otherwise, when Michaela cooks, it is often dishes such as minced-meat stews, vegetable soups or risotto; ideal for freezing.
"As a student, it is important to make dishes that can be frozen, so you always have a lunch-box available for school."

Training and food

Mikaela Karlsson says:"To make ends meet, you have to choose what you are most interested in, and then prioritise it. Therefore, in Mikaela's life, it is food and training. "If I had a different interest, I would, of course, have chosen that. For me, much is about priorities. You cannot do everything,"
In order to afford extra expenses such as a car and performing in equestrian vaulting competitions, Mikaela has worked at an event and activity company during the summer holidays and at weekends.
"Although I am sure I could have managed on just my study allowance," say Mikaela.


Mikaela's recipe for summery potato salad

A dish that is suitable both for summer barbeques and autumn evenings at home.
4 servings       

8 potatoes  
1 red onion  
50g sundried tomatoes  
Arugula salad
2 tablespoons olive oil  
2 tablespoons white wine vinegar  
1 tablespoon mustard (Dijon, French or whatever is available)  
100 g feta cheese    

Let the tomatoes soak for a while. Boil the potatoes and let cool; cut into large pieces. Cut the tomatoes into thin strips and chop the red onion.    

Mix potatoes, red onion, and arugula salad in a bowl. Stir together the oil, vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper and pour the mixture over the potato salad.    

Sprinkle the salad with the feta cheese.

Serve the salad as a light lunch or together with what is on the barbeque.   

Updated 2012-01-25