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Students from Halmstad University in international networking competition

Three out of the four students that have been selected to represent Sweden in the international networking competition NetRiders are from Halmstad University. The competition, which is organised by the worldwide network Cisco Networking Academy, gives students the chance to test their knowledge of network technology against students from all over the world.

The competition is for students taking courses within the framework of the Cisco Networking Academy, which includes Halmstad University. Several of the programmes at Halmstad University contain Cisco courses, including the Network Design and Computer Management Programmes and the Master’s Programme in Computer Network Engineering. In May, local competitions were held in different parts of Sweden, after which four persons advanced to the international final. One of them is Mark Thomson, who is studying Network Design and Computer Management.

“The first competition was challenging, with a lot of problems to solve in a short period of time. It was fun to test my skills, and it's an honour to now get to represent Sweden in the international competition,” he says.

Best female participant

Mark Thomson advanced to the final since he was one of the best three students in Sweden. The other two were Alexander Wikström, who is also studying Network Design and Computer Management at Halmstad University, and Johan Bäversjö from University West.

The third person to qualify for the final from Halmstad University is Lolita Mageramova, who was the best female participant in Sweden.

In total, around 10,000 students from around the world participate in the competition. The final is held online in each respective country on 24 September. Afterwards 17 winners will be announced, who get a week-long study trip to Cisco Systems head office in San José, California.

Best in Sweden when it comes to network technology

– The second successful year for Halmstad University

The students of Halmstad University were also successful in last year's competition. That time, two out of the three students who got to the international final attended Halmstad University.

Malin Bornhager, teacher and project manager at the University's Cisco Networking Academy, is very pleased with the results.

“It's great that we did so well for the second year in a row. This is an education that looks the same all over the world, and this is a great sign that we maintain high standards in comparison with the others,” she says.

Text and photo: IDA LÖVSTÅL

On September 24 Alexander Wikström, Mark Thomson and Lolita Mageramova, students at Halmstads University, will participate in the international finals of the network competition "NetRiders".


Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Systems is a word leader when it comes to network and internet solutions. The company started the Cisco Networking Academy programme, where Halmstad University is participating as a regional academy. Halmstad University is licensed to train both students and instructors for the academy. Through its academy, Cisco offers training in network technology in collaboration with higher education institutes, secondary schools and adult education institutes. There are currently around 10,000 Cisco Networking Academies in a total of 170 countries.

Alexander Wikström, Mark Thomson and Lolita Mageramova all study Network Design and Computer Management at Halmstad University. Together they represent Sweden in the international Network competition "NetRiders", in which 10 000 students from all over the world participate.

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