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”We want students to experience what’s unique about Sweden and Halmstad – to work intensively in labs and with their own projects. It’s a talented and ambitious group of students that are here and it’s been two fun and intensive weeks”, says Mattias Wecksten, lecturer in IT Forensics.

Chinese students study IT Forensics in Halmstad

For two weeks, 20 Chinese students have been studying IT Forensics at Halmstad University. It’s the first time the University has held a contract course of this kind – and if all goes according to plan, there will be more.

The students normally study Information Technology at the Beijing Information Science and Technology University, BISTU, in Beijing. The trip to Sweden is part of their education and the schedule during the visit has been packed. Lectures and laboratories have been mixed with study visits, excursions and social activities.

– A trip like this is a good complement to the education in China – the students get to try working in a more laborative and independent way here, and at the same time experience a different culture. The lecturers at Halmstad University are very professional and the students have made great progress, says professor Xin Chen, Vice Dean of School of Computer Science at BISTU and one of the four faculty members accompanying the students during the trip.

The students have had lectures in digital forensics, presentation technology and responsive web design. They have also worked independently with projects where they’ve analysed different forensic web tools, and presented them to each other.

Apart from this, they’ve also visited the company Phoniro, Science Park Halmstad, as well as Gothenburg and Helsingborg.

Closer relationship with the lecturers

One of the students is Yue Ming Zheng. She feels there are several differences between the teaching in China and Sweden.

– In Sweden, the students have a much closer relationship with the lecturers. There are also many more laboratories and independent work here, and it’s been both exciting and enriching, she says.

The cultural differences have also been exciting to experience.

– When I cross the street, the cars stop and let me pass! Apart from that, I especially like the food and the handsome Swedish boys, she says.

Opens doors to new collaborations

The course is a contracted course, which means it’s ordered and paid for by the university in China. The course isn’t part of the University’s standard offerings, but is tailor made from the group’s requirements.

– It’s especially exciting as this is the first international contract education of this kind that we’ve held. It’s been easy to work with the course since the collaboration within the University has functioned so well – everyone involved has shown great commitment, says Ditte Sörensen, coordinator of the University’s contract education.

The collaboration between Halmstad University and BISTU is already a few years old. Bengt-Göran Rosén, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, is an Honorary Professor at BISTU and a few years ago, discussions started on extending the collaboration to also include the field of computer engineering – something which now has provided concrete results. For the University, it’s an important step in its ambition to develop and deepen the collaboration with China.

– A course of this kind opens doors to new collaborations. We give a taste of what we can offer in a field where we’re strong. Computer security is a growing field all over the world and IT Forensics is our most popular technical educational programme, says Dr Jörgen Carlsson, international coordinator at the School of Information Science, Computer and Technical Engineering.

Would consider studying more at the University

Several of the Chinese students say they would consider coming back to Halmstad University to study again, as a part of their on-going Bachelor’s degree or a later Master’s degree. Professor Xin Chen also hopes to return as soon as next summer.

– We have a very good collaboration with Halmstad University and we’d like to come back again next year, with more students. We’ve been very well received. Halmstad University is a university characterised by activity, creativity and much friendliness.


Yue Ming Zheng would very much like to return to Europe to study in the future.

Professor Xin Chen, Vice Dean at BISTU, hopes to return to Sweden with a new group of students next summer.

Updated 2014-08-25