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Halmstad Research School in Entrepreneurship-Health hosted seminar on innovations

On November 12, the seminar ”Entrepreneurship, Health and Innovation” was held at Halmstad University. The purpose of the annual seminar is for industry and researchers to meet and discuss innovations of the future in health and healthcare.

The seminar ”Entrepreneurship, Health and Innovation” was hosted by the multidisciplinary Research School in Entrepreneurship-Health at Halmstad University. This was the third year the seminar was arranged and it offered a unique opportunity for researchers and representatives from the industry to exchange experiences. Natalia Stambulova, Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology and leader of the research school, and Halmstad University’s Vice-Chancellor Mikael Alexandersson welcomed the participants.

Halmstad University Vice-Chancellor Mikael Alexandersson, on the left, Professor Natalia Stambulova and Visiting Professor Mark Andersen were all happy with the seminar.

During the seminar, lectures were mixed with discussions. Mark Andersen, Professor of Sport Psychology at Victoria University in Australia and Visiting Professor at Halmstad University, opened the seminar with an inspiring lecture on the human brain. Andersen tied together Greek mythology with evolution theory, the brain structure, dreams, and Freud. He stressed the importance of the familiar and allowing conversation between parties from different sectors of society in interdisciplinary projects.

– When the researcher and the entrepreneur meet, it requires an open mind from both parties for the collaboration to be successful, says Mark Andersen.

From idea to innovation

One of the invited businesses was P.U.L.S. AB, whose chairman Clas Runnberg spoke of how the company functions as a bridge between researchers and investors to take life science ideas to innovations. Anita A’son-Strandahl from Connect Väst spoke of the possibilities for businesses in the region to receive support through the networks of business competence and private investors that Connect Väst offers.

Presentation of current projects

Researchers and research students at the research school presented their projects in a poster exhibition. The other participants at the seminar were given the opportunity to view all the posters and discuss the research projects.

– It’s very important for researchers and industry to meet at events like this. Needs and demands from society and industry can influence and develop the projects of our young researchers, says Natalia Stambulova.


Top left: Urban Johnson, Professor of Psychology and member of the leadership group. Top right: Andreas Ivarsson, PhD student at CVHI, and Natalia Stambulova, Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology and leader of the research school, discuss a research project. Bottom from left to right: Wagner Ourique De Morais, PhD student at EIS, Pelle Wiberg, University adjunct at EIS and representative from the company Swedish Adrenaline, and Jens Lundström, doctor at EIS.

Poster presenters from left to right: Karin Weman Josefsson (CVHI, PhD student), Arne Edvardsson (CVHI, searching for PhD position), Robert Szasz (CVHI, searching for PhD position), Alina Franck (CVHI, PhD student), Siddhartha Khandelwal (EIS, PhD student), Andreas Ivarsson (CVHI, PhD student), Anita Sant’Anna (EIS, Assistant Professor), Wagner Ourique De Morais (EIS, PhD student), Héléne Laurell (CIEL, PhD student), Jens Lundström (EIS, Post-Doc scholar) och Johan Ekengren (CVHI, searching for PhD position).

Halmstad Research School in Entrepreneurship-Health

The Research School in Entrepreneurship-Health was established in 2006. The aim is to give doctoral students knowledge on innovation and entrepreneurship to be able to commercialise their research results and develop products and services. The research school is multidisciplinary and ties together research environments in health and welfare, health technology as well as innovation and entrepreneurship. Since 2011, the research school is linked to the Centre of Research on Welfare, Health and Sport (CVHI) at the School of Social and Health Sciences. The research school offers seminars as well as an interdisciplinary environment where the doctoral students are given an opportunity to show their research.

Natalia Stambulova, Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology, is the current leader of the Research School in Entrepreneurship-Health and forms together with eight other senior researchers at the University as well as an industry representative, the leadership group of the research school. The leadership group regularly meet with the doctoral students to share their knowledge and experience.

The leadership group

  • Bertil Allard, entrepreneur and industry representative
  • Svante Andersson, Professor of Business Administration, CIEL
  • Gabriel Awuah Baffour, Professor of Business Administration, CIEL
  • Jonas Gabrielsson, Associate Professor of Business Administration, CIEL
  • Gunnar Johansson, Professor of Health Sciences, CVHI
  • Urban Johnson, Professor of Psychology and Sport, CVHI
  • Natalia Stambulova, Professor of Psychology and Sport, CVHI
  • Bertil Svensson, Professor of Computer System Engineering, EIS
  • Arne Söderbom, Associate Professor of Accounting, CIEL
  • Nicholas Wickström, Associate Professor in Computer Systems Engineering, EIS

More about the Research School in Entrepreneurship-Health and its leadership group.

Arne Edvardsson, left, och Karin Weman, right, are both a part of the Research School in Entrepreneurship-Health. Here seen with Bertil Allard, entrepreneur and industry representative in the research school leadership group.

Clas Runnberg from P.U.L.S. AB discusses research with Anita Sant'Anna, Assistant Professor at Halmstad University.

Siddhartha Khandelwal, PhD student at the School of Information Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering in the research environment EIS, in front of his poster.

Alina Franck, right, PhD student in the research environment CVHI, discusses her research with Svante Andersson, left, Professor of Business Administration and Klaus Solberg Søilen, Professor of Business Administration. Solberg Søilen and Andersson are both active at the School of Business and Engineering at Halmstad University.

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