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Halmstad University receives prestigious partnership with Shanghai

Halmstad University has been appointed "Practice-based Platform" – a strategic important partner of the government of Shanghai, China. A delegation from Shanghai Dianji University (SDJU) visited the University yesterday to hand over plaque as a token of excellent cooperation.

According to Vice-Chancellor Michael Alexandersson this is a nationally unique opportunity to deepen long-term cooperation with a university in Shanghai.
– There is a mutual collaboration between Halmstad University, the Municipality of Halmstad and SDJU, where we can help and benefit from each other in order to create new innovations for a better world, says Mikael Alexandersson. 

A delegation from Shanghai Dianji University (SDJU) visited the University yesterday to hand over plaque as a token of excellent cooperation. Photo: ANDERS ANDERSSON

Successful cooperation

The University's collaboration with SDJU started last year when 27 master students took part in a specifically designed three-month training course in the field of wind power technology and innovation. SDJU has been recognised as a role model throughout the Shanghai province for this cooperation.
– We have noted that SDJU are excellent when it comes to technology, while our strength lies in innovation by combining technology with business models. By combining this, we have been able to complement each other, says Mike Danilovic, professor in industrial organisation at Halmstad University and appointed so-called "Distinguished Overseas professor" at SDJU.
– Our concept is not so different; innovation is an important value for us, too. For the past 20 years, the government of Shanghai has focused on innovation issues, says Professor Huang Xinghua, vice president of SDJU.

International wind power academy

From now on, Halmstad University and SDJU wish to continue and deepen the cooperation by, among other things, starting an international wind power academy. The plan is also to offer faculty members and even more students the exchange opportunities.
– It seems that we have similar ideas, in favour of students and faculty members, as well as for society at large, says Professor Huang Xinghua.

More researchers

At SDJU, teaching staff must have at least one year of international experience to qualify for teaching at advanced level.
– Halmstad University is very good at teaching as well as performing research. Next year, we will try and send more professors and students here, in order to interact with you. We also welcome more professors from Halmstad to come to us for lecturing, says Professor Huang Xinghua.
– This is a historic moment, since this is the first time an international university in China has established this kind of platform. We have succeeded by being responsive and innovative, says Mike Danilovic.


Halmstad University has been named "Practice-based platform" - a strategically important partner of the government in Shanghai, China. Photo: ANDERS ANDERSSON

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