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Successful Chinese collaboration
in wind power technology

30 Master’s students from Shanghai are studying a three month tailor-made programme in wind power technology and innovation at Halmstad University.

A unique collaboration between Halmstad University (School of Business and Engineering) and Shanghai Dianji University (SDJU) in China started last year when 27 Master’s students and two teachers participated in a customised three month education in the field of wind power technology and innovation. It was the first time that Halmstad University held a course that connected the University’s current research with the education of international students.

For the second year in a row, Master’s students from China are studying wind power technology at Halmstad University. Vice-Chancellor Mikael Alexandersson welcomes them. Photo: JENNY BISIACH

Collaboration continuing this autumn

This year, this international collaboration is deepened further when a new group of 30 Master’s students and one teacher from SDJU are at Halmstad University from August to November. The teacher’s research profile is measuring layer vibrations in wind turbines.

During the course, the students are immersing themselves in the development and building of wind turbines, they’re visiting wind power plants, studying different companies and institutions and tying together theory with practice. Also included in the course is ”Management of Innovation and Business Model Innovation” and the students are working with real cases in their analyses. The students are also getting help increasing the academic content in their forthcoming Master’s thesis in Shanghai.

Great commitment

The teachers participating from Halmstad University are largerly connected to current research projects in the field.

– A total of 14 teachers are involved in the programme, which is a testimony to the huge importance it has on our activities and the teachers’ great commitment to the course, says Mike Danilovic, Professor of Industrial Organisation with a focus on innovation, who has developed the course.

Ties in with society

This year, the programme is even more evolved and to a greater extent ties in with the surrounding society in the county of Halland. The students from Shanghai will, for example, visit schools in Halmstad and talk about China’s culture, academy and business life. The students will also visit the different energy producing units in the municipality.

– The interplay between Halmstad University, SDJU and Halmstad municipality will contribute to creating values in the programme and hopefully this will create new opportunities for an expanded international exchange in the future, says Mike Danilovic and continues:

– We hope that this collaboration, now on its second year, will deepen further in the future and that we can strengthen the ties between research projects and educational programmes in an international context. China is an important collaboration partner for us and our on-going research projects.

The Chinese students were welcomed at a Vice-Chancellor Reception Dinner with Vice-Chancellor Mikael Alexandersson. Photo: JENNY BISIACH

Mike Danilovic, Professor of Industrial Organisation, has developed the course. He’s also a Visiting Professor at Shanghai Dianji University. Photo: IDA LÖVSTÅL

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