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App for children cancer survivors

The treatment for many young people diagnosed with cancer is successful today, but the psychological and social stress in the transition to everyday life is still great. Halmstad University has developed the app Give Me a Break, intended to give young cancer survivors the chance to connect with other survivors. The first version of the app is now finished and ready for full scale testing.

– The children who have tried Give Me a Break in a test environment have had a lot of fun with the app. Through Give Me a Break, we hope to be able to help children who have survived cancer by creating social networks. With the right support, the transition to everyday life can be easier for them, says Jens Nygren, project manager and Associate Professor of Medical Science at Halmstad University.

Give Me a Break is a digital platform for real time interaction between cancer survivors aged 8–12 years. The purpose of the platform is for the children to make friends and create a social network for long time support. The film (in Swedish) is made by Hello There.

Live testing

The app has been developed by Halmstad University in collaboration with award winning games studio Hello There and digital agency CP+B Scandinavia. Healthy children aged 8–12 years have already tested the prototype for Give Me a Break, with successful results. The research group behind Give Me a Break is now testing the app with children cancer survivors, hoping that the tests are as successful as previously.

– We're excited to be a part of this project and to use our knowledge in communication and entertainment for something good, by helping young cancer survivors transition into everyday life. If the testing of the prototype goes well, we're ready to start building the actual platform, says Oskar Eklund, CEO of Hello There.

Give Me a Break – an app with the purpose of giving young cancer survivors the opportunity to connect and befriend other cancer survivors.

Updated 2015-05-13