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Minute of silence at European universities on April 27

The European University Association, EUA, has taken the initiative to a collective minute of silence at the universities of Europe on Monday April 27 at 12 noon.

The purpose is to collectively condemn all forms of violence against education and to honour the victims of the terrorist attack that unfolded at Garissa University College in Kenya on April 2, killing 147 students and leaving at least 79 people wounded. Halmstad University, together with other Swedish universities, is backing the initiative and invite employees and students to participate.

EUA reaffirms its belief that any act of violence or attack on education runs counter to the fundamental university values of freedom of thought and expression, tolerance and autonomy and undermines the ambition and fundamental right of any young person to gain qualifications and make a contribution to their nation, society and the world. EUA therefore calls on universities across Europe and beyond to unite in solidarity in condemning any form of violence against education.

The University Advisory Board will honour the minute of silence in connection with its session on Monday and encourages everyone at the University who is able to do the same. It is up to each individual employee and student to determine if and how they are able to participate in the minute of silece on April 27 at 12 noon.

Updated 2015-05-06