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Students show 150 creative graduation projects during Utexpo

An app for stroke victims, a booking system for electric car chargers and a self balancing unicycle. These are just a few examples of what is being shown during Halmstad University's annual graduation exhibition.

During Utexpo, hundreds of students show exciting inventions and creative graduation projects to the public.

– We hope that many people take the chance to visit the exhibition – it's a golden opportunity for anyone who is interested in new technology, inventions or environmental issues. There are a fantastic number of exciting projects and many students have put in a great deal of work into the projects and the exhibition, says Eric Standar, who co-chairs this year's Utexpo with Anna Ekelund.

Around 150 projects from 13 programmes, primarily the University's engineering and environmental programmes, are being shown to the public. Many of the students have done their graduation projects in collaboration with businesses and organisations. Utexpo is Sweden's largest and oldest exhibition of graduation projects and the University is hosting it for the 34th time this year. It's a festive grand finale of the students' education – they get to show what they have been working on for many months and after that comes the long awaited graduation.
Opening hours:
Friday May 29
10–16 Exhibition
11 Opening ceremony
13 Scholarships presented

Saturday May 30
10–14 Exhibition

Location: Högskolehallen, I Building, Halmstad University

Utexpo 2014. Photo: JOACHIM BRINK

Updated 2015-05-21