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The robot hand – a student project

Senior students studying computer engineering, electro engineering and mechatronic engineering have collaborated on developing a robotic hand.

The robot hand is the joint development project of the six students and a great example of the importance of collaboration. Everyone's special competence was needed to succeed – programming, hardware development and mechanical design.

(Video in Swedish)

Six students from three engineering programmes have collaborated on the development of the robotic hand. From the left: Oliver Brunnegård, Jack Venturi, Simon Kjellgren, Mattias Sjögren and David Szabo. Viktor Frimodig is missing in the photo, but was also part of the project.

Text and film: LOUISE WANDEL


The camera registers the motions of the hand with the purple glove. Signals are sent to the mechanical hand, which mimics the movement of the glove.

Updated 2015-05-06