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24 hours hacking for health

Hack4Health, later in April, is about bringing forward new and creative ideas of how digital technologies can promote peoples’ health. In a 24 hour long Hackathon-event teams will compete in developing health apps.

Today's healthcare system is designed to treat illnesses, not to support health. But health and quality of life require much more than just a visit to the doctor, and new digital solutions are part of a healthy society.

– We want Hack4Health to be an event for everyone interested in digital health applications. The goal is to bring forth creative ideas of how technology can support citizens in all aspect of health – and hopefully make these ideas a reality, says Anita Sant’Anna, senior lecturer in information technology and responsible for Hack4Health.

The teams’ challenge is to, in 24 hours, design and prototype a web or mobile app. The app will concern the topics healthy aging, parenthood and pregnancy, youth and mental health or healthcare. The focus is to improve health by increasing patients’ confidence in their own ability to manage their lives, and by facilitating a partnership with care givers and peer-to-peer support.

Meeting already today

Teams consisting of students, professionals or companies can register from the afternoon today. Tonight, a networking event takes place at Centre for Health Technology Halland at the University, for connecting people who want to participate, but have not yet formed a team – or for groups who would benefit from adding more competence to the team.

Everyone interested in health can contribute in Hack4Health. Knowledge in programming is not compulsory as long as this knowledge exists in the team. Skills within design, entrepreneurship, and personal experiences are also very important in the competition.

– Since we encourage and reward multidisciplinary teams it is highly recommended to come to the networking event, says Anita Sant’Anna.

It is also an opportunity for all interested to meet the organizers and ask questions.


Hack4Health 2016 is the first arranged by Halmstad University. Organizers are Halmstad University and Gothenbourg University. The event is sponsored by University of Gothenburg Centre for Person-Centred Care (GPCC), Halmstad University, ALMI Företagspartner Halland, Halmstad Business Incubator and EVRY Halmstad.


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Logotype for Hack4Health
Updated 2016-04-07